Final Australia Exam

  1. Who is Ben Chifley?
    Labor Party Leader(1945-1951) Selected after Curtin's Death

    Prime Minister(1945-1949) after Francis Forde's 8 day caretaker government
  2. Who is H.C. "Nugget" Coombs?
    Headed Central banks under Labor and Liberal Country Govt.

    Top Central Banker
  3. What was overturned by High Court in 1949?
    Nationalization of the Banking System
  4. Who is Arthur Calwell?
    Australia's first minister of Immigration (1945-1949)
  5. Who is Robert Menzies?
    Liberal Party founded (1944-1945) as anti-Labor coalition

    Landslide Liberal -Country victory in 1949 election
  6. What massive public works projects was part of the post 1945 era in Australia Economic expansion?
    Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme
  7. What was greatly increased in the Heavy Industry post 1945 era of the Economic Expansion?
    • Holden Automobile(1948) auto industry.
    • *Evolution from "Functional to Fancy"
  8. 1st Australian City to host the Summer Olympics?
    Melbourne Olympics (1956)
  9. (Security Agencies) (ASIO) Australian Security Intelligence Organization
    Similar to FBI/MI5
  10. (Security Agencies) (ASIS) Australian Secret Intelligence Service
    Similar to CIA/MI6
  11. Who defends the Communist Party?
    Labor Leader Bert Evatt
  12. Who benefits from the Vladimir Petrov Spy Scandal?
    Menzies Government
  13. Who suffers from the Vladimir Petrov Spy Scandal?
    The Labor Party
  14. Who is B.A. Santamaria??
    Conservative Catholic activist

    "Groupers"- Santamaria inspired Industrial Groups
  15. Which party was formed by the "Groupers"?
    The Democratic Labor Party
  16. Which Country tested atomic weapons?
  17. ANZUS Treaty?
    U.S./Australia/New Zealand security pact
  18. Southeast Asian Treaty Organization/SEATO
    Anti Communist Security pact of U.S/ Britain/France/Australia and New Zealand
  19. Where was the Malayan Emergency?
  20. In the Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation, Australia fought what country?
  21. What is the name we gave to the communist insurgency?
    Viet Cong
  22. When did Australia have a military draft/Conscription?
    Late 1960's and ended in 1972
  23. Who stepped in as President after Kennedy Assasination and known for the bombing in South and North Vietnam?
    Lyndon Johnson (1963-1969)
  24. What is Tet Offensive?
    • Military Victory for U.S and South Vietnam
    • Political Victory for North Vietnam and Viet Cong
  25. Under what U.S President coined "Vietnamization" of War?
    Richard Nixon
  26. Who was the Prime Minister when the Dictation Test Dropped?
    Robert Menzies
  27. Who government policy officially repudiated the White Australian Policy?
    Harold Holt Government
  28. What Protest is involved with Aborigines?
    Aboriginal Tent Embassy and Aboriginal Flag
  29. Where was the Protest?
  30. What issue was involved in 1967 Referendum?
    Aboriginal Citizenship
  31. Major problem in Australia in Latter 1960's?
  32. What Prime Minister was presumed drowned and missing?
    Harold Holt
  33. Who wins the 72 election?
    Labor Party
  34. What the slogan in 1972 election?
    "It time"
  35. What country got its independence from Australia?
    Papua New Guinea
  36. Who is Malcom Fraser?
    Liberal Leader -Controversial role in Whitlam Dismissal

    PM (1975-1983)
  37. What's coined to explain the economic downturn in the 70's early 80's?
  38. What country was the Biggest Threat to World Peace?
    Soviet Union
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