Injury and death final

  1. What  are the common risk factors for SIDS
    • Most commonly 2-4 months
    • Possible medical history of respiratory problems
    • Male 3-1
    • Face down in crib
  2. What are the two types of drowning
    Wet and Dry
  3. What is dry drowning
    • There is no water in the lungs
    • Throat shuts down
  4. What percentage of electrocutions are accidental
  5. What the common entry and exit points of electrocutions
    Hand and Foot
  6. What is toxicology
    • The study of poisons
    • Oldest forensic study
  7. What is the top of the knife called
  8. What are the four most common blades
    • Double edged
    • Single edged
    • Flat tip
    • Phillips head
  9. The bruise around the edges of the wound are due to
    The hilt hitting the skin
  10. BDSM
    Rough sex/Dominance
  11. Urolangia
    Peeing on ppl
  12. Coprophilia
  13. Necrophilia
    Playing with a corpse
  14. Piquerism
    Cutting oneself
  15. What are some presumptive ID's
    • Photographs
    • Personal belongings
    • Soft tissue recontruction
  16. Name a positive means of identification
    • Fingerprints
    • Xrays
  17. What are the five manners of death
    • homicide
    • suicide
    • accidental
    • undetermined
    • natural
  18. What  is the first post mortem phase
    Algor mortis
  19. What is algor mortis
    Cooling of the body
  20. What is Rigor mortis
    Rigidity of the muscles do to a overdose of lactic acid that causes the muscles to shrink
  21. What is livor mortis
    Pooling of the blood
  22. Putrefacation
    Tissue gases start to form
  23. Around what time did Human identification become important
    Civil war
  24. What edition of the DSM manual are we
    4 or 5
  25. What are the 5 steps of grieving
    • Denial
    • Anger
    • Grief
    • Acceptance
  26. What is a hematoma
    A mass of clotted blood that forms in a tiisue, organ or body space as a result of a broken blood vessel
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