Unit 3 AP Euro Ch. 14

  1. 17th century scientists
    Natural Philosophers
  2. The Ptolemaic System
    • The standard explanation of the place of the earth in the heavens combined the mathmatical astronomy of Ptolemy, contained in his work entitled the Almagest, with the physical cosmology of Aristotle.
    • Geocentrism
    • the planet moved uniformly about a small circle, and the center of the epicycle moved uniformly about a larger circle, with the earth at or near its center.
  3. The Copernican System
    • Copernicus's On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres challenged the Ptolemaic picture in the most conservative manner possible.
    • Heliocentric model
  4. The Tychonic System
    Heliocentric and Geocentric combined
  5. Tycho Brahe 
    • Danish astronomer
    • He supplied a lot of recorded data to the german astronomer Johannes Kepler. 
  6. Johannes Kepler
    • He was a convinced copernican and a more consistently rigorous advocate of a heliocentric model than Copernicul himself had been. 
    • Kepler set forth the first astronomical model that actually portrayed motion. 
    • His model had an elliptical movement. 
  7. Isaac Newton
    • He published The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, better known as Principia Mathematica.
    • Brought up the idea of gravity. 
  8. Galileo Galilei
    • Made telescope from Dutch trinkets
    • Starry Messenger
    • Letters on sunspots
    • Moons of Jupiter know as the "Medici stars"
  9. "institutions of sharing"
    • Allowed information and ideas associated with the new science to be gathered, exchanged, and debated. 
    • Royal Society of London
    • Academy of Experiments
    • French Academy of Science
    • Berlin Academy of Science
  10. Margaret Cavendish
    • Observations Upon Experimental Philosophy
    • Grounds of Natural Philosophy
    • Description of a New World, Called the Blazing World
  11. Emilie du Chatelet
    Translated Newton's Principia into French
  12. Francis Bacon
    • Father of Empiricism
    • Inductive Reasoning
    • Novum Organum
    • Men of Experiment & Dogmas
  13. Rene Descartes
    • Discourse on Method
    • Deductive Reasoning 
    • "I think therefore I am"
    • Dualism- things of the body & things of the mind
  14. Thomas Hobbes
    • Leviathan
    • Social Contract
  15. John Locke
    • Two Treatisies of Government
    • First Treatisie- cleared philosophical decks
    • Second Treatise- Limited government
    • Letter Concerning Toleration- Seperation of Church & State
    • Essay Concerning Human Understanding
    • Tabula Rosa
  16. Pope Urban VIII
    • Friend of Galileo
    • Lets Galileo keep writing
  17. Blaise Pascal
    • Pensees
    • Pascal's Wager- In best interest to keep faith in God so when you die you still reach salvation. 
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