13.4 Religious Practices and Popular Culture

  1. Protestant attacks 
    • a.      Protestant attacks on Church led to changes in religious practices
    •                                                               i.      Abolished or curtailed indulgences, relics, saints, pilgrimages, monasticism, and clerical celibacy
  2. Elimination of saits: 
    • 1.      Elimination of saints: ended celebrations of holy days and changed community sense of time
    • a.      Religious ceremonies and imagery in Protestant communities, like processions and statues, tended to be replaced with individual private prayer, family worship, and collective prayer and worship at same time each week on Sunday
  3. Attempts to eliminate other things
    • 1.      Tried to eliminate customary forms of education
    • a.      Puritans: tried to ban drinking in taverns, dramatic performances, and dancing
    • b.      Dutch Calvinists: denounced tradition of Christmas gifts
    • 2.      Attempts unsuccessful
    • a.      Importance of taverns to English made it impossible to get rid of tehm and Christmas persisted in Dutch Netherlands
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13.4 Religious Practices and Popular Culture