English Odyssey Characters

  1. Aeolus
    The wind king who Odysseus stays with for a month. Aeolus gives Odysseus a parting gift of a bag of unfavorable, stormy winds. When Odysseus's crew opens the bag, they are blown back to Aelous, who refuses to help, saying they have been cursed by the gods.
  2. Antinous
    Worst of suitors, son of Eupeithes. Threw a stool at Odysseus and first suitor to be killed by him.
  3. Calypso
    Goddess who held Odysseus for seven years (played with time). At Hermes's word from the gods, she lets him go, helping him build a raft.
  4. Charybdis
    A whirlpool maelstrom monster who sucks down the sea and spews it up three times. Located under a fig tree.
  5. Cicones
    Live on Ismarus near Troy. Sacked by Odysseus, and other Cicones came to help, killing 72 of Odysseus's men.
  6. Circe
    Goddess considered to be a witch. Turns men into pigs. Stay a year. Tells Odysseus to go to Underworld. When he returns, tells him about Sirens, Clashing Rocks, and Scylla and Charybdis.
  7. Elpenor
    One of Odysseus's men. Got drunk, fell asleep on Circe's roof, fell off and broke his neck. Spoke with Odysseus in Underworld. Asked to be buried.
  8. Eumaeus
    Old, faithful swineherd to Odysseus. Brings him his bow in the archery contest. Helps him fight the suitors.
  9. Eurylochus
    Crafty man of Odysseus's. Avoided becoming a pig by Circe's power but was unsure of returning at Odysseus's command. Convinced men to eat cattle of Helios.
  10. Eurymachus
    Another of the most able suitors. Tells Odysseus that it was all Antinous's fault after Antinous was killed and Odysseus revealed himself.
  11. Helios
    Sun god, also called Overlord of Noon or Lord of Noon. Asks Zeus to punish Odysseus's men when they kill his cattle.
  12. Hermes
    Messenger of the gods. Gives plant called moly to Odysseus to avoid becoming a pig at Circe's magic. Also tells him to make Circe swear not to play any witch's tricks. Circe was told by him of Odysseus coming to her. Told Calypso to let Odysseus go.
  13. Laertes
    Father of Odysseus.
  14. Laistrygones
    Cannibals. Throw boulders at Odysseus's ships. Kill all but 45 of Odysseus's men. Only Odysseus's ship remains.
  15. Penelope
    Wife of Odysseus. Waited twenty years for his return. Pursued by suitors, such as Antinous and Eurymachus.
  16. Polyphemus
    Cyclops that Odysseus and his men encountered. Killed 6-8 of Odysseus's men. Was blinded by Odysseus.
  17. Scylla
    A six-headed monster that lived on a high cliff. Ate six of Odysseus's men. Circe warned Odysseus of Scylla.
  18. Sirens
    Creatures that were a woman and a bird combined. Sang to sailors, causing them to crash on the rocks. Odysseus was tied to the mast with his sailors's ears filled with wax to avoid being shipwrecked.
  19. Telemachus
    Son of Odysseus. Helped him fight the suitors.
  20. Tiresias
    Blind prophet. Odysseus talks to him in the Underworld. He tells Odysseus not to touch the cattle of Helios and they will reach Ithaca. Otherwise, only he will make it and on a stranger's ship.
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