Health 21 chapter 12

  1. An alternative that can create a real "high" but without the effects of drugs and alcohol is known as a?

    D. positive addiction
  2. _____ has become more comon among American adults than alcohol dependence

    C. problem gambling
  3. Which fo the following is not a risk factor for problem gambling?

    C. being in a higher socieconomic class
  4. Which of the following is not a stage that gamblers experience?

    D. set phase
  5. College athletes are?

    C. less likely to use illegal drugs
  6. All of the following are factors that increase a college student's use of drugs except?

    A. having parents who do not approve of drug use
  7. When your roommate takes the prescription you have for ADD and ingest your pills it is know as?

    D. drug diversion
  8. When taking drugs, the most common method is?

    B. orally
  9. Placing inhalants in a bag, putting the bag over the mouth and nose and taking deep breaths describes?

    A. huffing
  10. Intravenous drug injection get the drug into the body through the?

    D. bloodstream
  11. Which route of administration gets drugs in the body through the fastest?

    D. intravenous injection
  12. Subcutaneuos injection refers to a person?

    B. injecting drugs just beneath the skin
  13. What seems to be the dosage at which a drug becomes poisonous to the body?

    D. toxidity
  14. ________  is (are) the preconceptions a person has about using a drug

    A. mindset
  15. Drugs that act throughout a body system act?

    B. generally
  16. When a drug has a greater effect on one specific organ, it is acting?

    B. selectively
  17. A drug that builds up in the body because it is taken in faster than it can be metabolized is acting?

    D. cumulatively
  18. A synergistic drug interaction refers to?

    B. the effect of two drugs taken together being greater than if taken separately
  19. All of the following are over the counter medications that are often misused except?

    D. aspirin
  20. The drug effect in which one drug increases the effect of the other is?

    d antogonistic
    B. potentiating
  21. The drug effect in which one drug neutralizes another drug is?

    a. additive
    b. potentiating
    c. synergistic
    d antogonistic
    d antogonistic
  22. What is meant by the term psychoactive?

    A. mind-affecting
  23. The most widely used psychoactive drug in the world is

    C. caffeine
  24. Which of the following substances contains the most caffeine?

    D. coffee
  25. All fo the following are symptoms of caffeine intoxication except?

    C. slow heart rate
  26. When you buy medicine at a pharmacy with out a Dr prescription you are buying?

    C. over the counter
  27. All of the following are true statements concerning generic drugs except?

    D. pharmacist may switch to generic unless the doctor say not to
  28. High doses of prescription stimulants ca cause?

    B. panic attacks
  29. Students who_____ are more likely to abuse painkillers

    B. are enrolled at more competative schools
  30. ____ is a strong craving for a drug because it produces pleasureable feelings

    C. psychological dependence
  31. Withdrawal refers to the body?

    A. developing symptoms that cause mental and physical distress when trying to stop using drugs
  32. Justin is abusing several drugs which is known as?

    D. polyabuse
  33. Which of the following is the brain chemical assiciated with addiction?

    B. dopamine
  34. A dual diagnosis is when someone?

    D. has a mental disorder and substance abuse disorder
  35. All of the following are personality traits that might make an individula more susceptable to addiction except?

    A. high selfsteem
  36. The most widely used illegal drug is?

    C. marijuana
  37. How long does marijuana remain in the body's fat cells after its used?

    B. 50 hrs
  38. Why were amphetamines once widely prescribed?

    C. suppress appetite
  39. All of the following are symptoms of amphetamine intoxication except?

    D. very low heart rate
  40. Using cocaine will

    A. stimulate the nervous system
  41. All of the following are considered opiods except?

    B. cocaine
  42. A synthetic form of opium manufactured in a chemical laboratory is?

    A. methadone
  43. Select the condition for which morphine is most often used for?

    A. relieve pain
  44. Which of the following steps is the most difficult fo an addict?

    B. admitting they are addicts
  45. Which of the following is not a fundamental principle of drug abuse treatment?

    D. effective treatment must address drug abuse and any social and legal problem
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