The Graduate Lines 1.1

  1. Ben? Ben? What are you doing?
    You said I should put the suit on.
  2. I said you should put the suit on and come downstairs.
    I put the suit on.
  3. Then com on downstairs.
    I lost the inclination.
  4. It's a hell of a suit, isn't it?
    Yes, it is.
  5. Happy graduation.
    Thank you.
  6. So, come on down.
    I'll be down.
  7. The guests are all here.
    I'll be  down soon.
  8. What is it, Ben?
  9. Then why don't you come down and see your guests?
    I have some things on my mind right now.
  10. What things?
    Just some things.
  11. Ben, these are our friends down there. You owe them a little courtesy.
    I'd rather be alone right now.
  12. Hal Robinson and I have been doing business together in this town for seventeen years. He's the best friend I have. He has a client in Chicago that he's put off seeing so he could be here tonight...
    I don't want to see the Robinsons.
  13. The Terhunes have come all the way from...
    I don't want to see the Terhunes. I don't want to see the Robinsons, the Terhunes, the Pearsons or anyone else.
  14. I don't know what's got into you but whatever it is I want you to snap out of it and march right on down there!
    I just need to be alone right now.
  15. All hail the conquering hero!

    Ben, where are you?
    I'm here.
  16. Ben!
    Mr. Robinson.
  17. ...
    Social secretary of his house. I'm running out of fingers... First in your class...
    I wasn't first.
  18. Oh?
    I tied for first. I tied with Abe Frankel.
  19. Never mid the modesty; give me the low-down on the that prize of yours.
    Well, I'm not sure if I...
  20. ...
    I've just got one thing to say, Ben.
    What's that, sir?
  21. One word Ben.
    One word?
  22. Plastics, Ben. Plastics. Will you think about that?
    Yes I will.
  23. Benjamin is going to teach; aren't you Ben?
  24. ...
    Thank you, Hal. Say thank you, Ben.
    Thank you.
  25. ...
    Ben, you come on down now. Are you coming down, Ben?
    No I'm not.
  26. Those people down there...
    Those people down there are grotesque!
  27. Grotesque?
    And you're grotesque.
  28. You're calling me grotesque?
    You are grotesque, and I'm grotesque, we're all grotesque. Not actually grotesque, you're not grotesque, but I have this feeling of grotesqueness when I even think about leaving this room, alright?
  29. Ben, you're all tied up in knots. You've just had the four most strenuous years of your life back there...
    They were nothing.
  30. Four golden years...
    Which add up to nothing.
  31. ...
    Are you sick, Ben?
    Oh, yes.
  32. I guess this isn't the spare rooom, is it?
    Oh good God... evening, Mrs. Robinson.
  33. Good evening, Benjamin.
    It's down the hall.
  34. That's a hell of a thing.
    Yes, it is. Would you excuse me?
  35. Is this what they're wearing back east?
    It's a graduation gift. My falther wanted me to show it off. He wanted a demonstration in the pool.
  36. It looks like a prophylactic.
    A what?
  37. For the severely anxious.
    It's at the end of the hall.
  38. What is?
    The spare room.
  39. Ah huh.
    Mrs. Robinson, I'm kind of distraught at the moment. I'm sorry to be rude but I have some things on my mind. It's good to see you.
  40. How are you?
    I'm sorry not to be more congenial, but I'm trying to think.
  41. Is there an ashtray in here?
  42. What are you upset about?
    Some personal things.
  43. Girl trouble?
  44. Do you have girl trouble?
    Look, I'm sorry to be this way but I'm just, well right now I'm sort of...
  45. I was feeling a little unsteady myself. Your mother said I should lie down for a while.
    The spare room's at the end of the hall.
  46. Are you drinking?
    I don't drink.
  47. You don't drink?
    As a rule. Of course I drink, but not as a rule.
  48. What do you drink? Boubon?
    Mrs. Robinson, I have some things on my mind. And I have guest downstairs I should...
  49. May I ask you a question?
  50. What do you think of me?
  51. What do you think of me?
  52. You've know me nearly all of your life, you must think something...
    L ook, this is a rather strange conversation and I really ought to get downstairs...
  53. Don't you have any opinions at all?
    No. Look, my father may be up again any minut, and...
  54. Benjamin.
  55. Did you know I was an alcoholic?
    Mrs. Robinson, I don't want to talk about this.
  56. Did you know that?
  57. You neer suspected?
  58. My God Benjamin, I fall out of cars. I insult senators at fondue parties. Surely you must hav formed some sort of...
    Mrs. Robinson, this is none of my business.
  59. You never even suspected?
    Would you excuse me?
  60. Come back here and sit down
    I'm going downstairs now.
  61. Why?
    Because I want to be alone.
  62. There are three dozen people down there.
    Then I'll go for a walk. I need to get out of here.
  63. Would you drive me home?
    I'm sorry?
  64. I want you to drive me home. My husban's flying to Chicago. I don't like to be alone.
    My God.
  65. What?
    No. No. Mrs. Robinson. Oh no.
  66. What's Wrong?
    Mrs. Robinson, you don't- I mean you didn't expect ....
  67. What?
    I mean you didn't really think I would do something like that.
  68. Like what?
    What do you think!
  69. Well, I don't know.
    For God's ske Mrs. Robinson, you come to my room, you sit on the bed, you ... smoke a cigarette, then you start opening up your personal life to me and now you're asking me to take you home because your husband's flying to Chicago.
  70. So?
    Mrs. Robinson, you are trying to sudece me. Aren't you. Aren't you?
  71. Wh no. I hadn't thought of it. But Benjamin, I'm very flattered.
    Mrs. Robinson, would you forgive me?
  72. What?
    Will you fogive me for what I just said?
  73. It's alright.
    It's not alright. That's the worst thing I've ever said to anyone!
  74. I've heard worse.
    Please forgive me. Because I don't think of you that way. It's just I'm all mixed up.
  75. Alright, calm down.
    It makes me sick that I said that to you.
  76. I forgive you.
    Can you? Can you ever forget I said that?
  77. We'll forget it right now.
    I don't know what's wrong with me.
  78. It's forgotten.
  79. Benjamin?
  80. Would you unzip my dress?
    Un your what?
  81. Your mother said I should lie down. The spare bed is piled high with coats. Do you mind if I lie down, Benjamin?
    No. Be my guest. Goodnight.
  82. Benjamin, would you please unzip the dress?
    I'd rather not.
  83. Do you still think I'm trying to suduce you?
    No I don't.
  84. With your parents just downstairs?
    I ought to go down ...
  85. You've known me all your life.
    I know that.
  86. Well then, would you please? It's hard for me to reach. Thank you.
    You're welcome.
  87. What are you scared of?
    I'm not scared of anything.
  88. Then why do you keep moving away?
    Because this is my room and if you're going to lie down I don't think I should be here.
  89. Haven't you ever seen sanyone in a slip before?
    Well, not in my parents' house, no.
  90. You still think I'm trying to seduce you, don't you?
    No. But what if they walked in?
  91. Well, what if they did?
    Well it would look pretty funny, wouldn't it?
  92. Do you think They'd be forrified that you saw me in my slip?
    Well, they might get the wrong idea.
  93. I don't see why. I'm twice your age.
    That's not the point.
  94. Benjamin, I am not trying to seduce you!
    I know that.
  95. Would you like me to seduce you?
  96. Is that what you're trying to tell me?
    I'm going downstairs now. I apologize for waht I said. I hope you can forget about it. I'm going downstairs.
  97. Benjamin.
  98. Could you bring me my purse before you go?
  99. Please?
    I have to go downstairs.
  100. I really don't want to put this on again; won't you bring it to me?
    Where is it?
  101. In the spare room. Beside the bed.
    I'll get your purse. Then I have to go downstairs. (Leaves and comes back) Mrs. Robinson?
  102. I'm in the bathroom.
    Well, here's your purse.
  103. Could you bring it in?
    I'll hand it to you.
  104. Benjamin, I'm getting pretty tired of this.
  105. I'm getting pretty tired of all this suspicion. Now if you won't do me a simple favor, then I don't know what.
    I'll put it on the bed.
  106. For God's sake Benjamin, will you hand me the goddamn purse.
    I'd rather not.
  107. Alright then, put it on the bed.
    Ok. It's on the bed. (Mrs. Robinson comes out naked) Oh, God. Mrs. Robinson ... Oh my God.
  108. Don't be nervous.
    Let me out.
  109. Benjamin?
    Get away from the door.
  110. I want to say something first.
    Jesus Christ.
  111. Benjamin, I want you to know that I'm available to you...
    Oh my God...
  112. I want you to know you can call me up any time you want and we'll make some kind of arrangement.
    Let me out.
  113. Do you understand what I said?
    Yes! Yes! Let me out!
  114. Because I find you very attractive, and any time...

    Judith! (unlock door) Judith? Benjamin? Ahah!
    Ha ha!
  115. Man of the moment.
    Mr. Robinson.
  116. Have you seen my aquiffy little wife?
    I thought you were going to the airport.
  117. I turned on the radio and lucky I did. The pilots came out in support of the cabin crews and nothing's flying out until morning. You know how much a stewardess thinks she worth.
    No. I don't.
  118. I never saw one didn't thnk she was God's gift. Wait a minute; that's not air hostesses, that's women, period. Know what I mean?
  119. You seen her?
    Er... shis in the bathroom. She felt unwell.
  120. She puke?
    Well, she... I don't know.
  121. ...
    Is anything wrong? You look a little shaken up.
    No, I'm just - I'm just- I'm just a little worried about my immediate future.
  122. Ben, how ould are you now?
    I'll be tewenty-one next week.
  123. That's a hell of a good age to be.
    Thank you.
  124. I wish I was that age again. Because Ben?
  125. You'll never be young again.
    I know.
  126. Ben, can I say something to you?
  127. No, Ben, I want to give you some friendly advice.
    I'd like to hear it.
  128. I think you should have a good time with the girls and so forth. Sow a few wild oats. Because Ben, you're going to spend most of your life worrying. But right now you're young. Don't start worrying yet, for God's sake.
  129. Before you know it you'll find a nice little girl and settle down and have a damn fine life but until then try to make up a little for all the mistakes you're gonna make down the line. And while you're at it, make up for a few of mine.
    I will, sir.
  130. ...
    Ben, I want you to give her a call. Not that she's any girl, if you know what I'm saying?
    I think I do.
  131. Elaine's a wonderful girl. She's the sort of girl you'd only ever want to treat just right, you understand.
    Yes I do.
  132. ...
    Goodnight, Benjamin.
  133. ...
    Ben, the guests are still waiting (Get's cloths and puts them on) What are you putting on, Ben? Ben, it's a party; you can't wear those old things.
     I'm not coming to the party, Mom.
  134. When what are you doing?
    I'm leaving home.
  135. What?
    I'm leaving home, I'm clearing out.
  136. You're going away?
    That's right.
  137. You're taking a trip?
    That is right.
  138. Well, where are you going?
    I'm going on the road.
  139. On the road?
    I believe that's the convetional terminology.
  140. You mean you're just going to pack your bag and go?
    I'm not taking any bags.
  141. What?
    I'm taking what I have on.
  142. Are you serious?
  143. Well, how much money are you taking?
    Ten dollars.
  144. Well, how long will you be gone?
    Maybe five years. Maybe ten. I don't know.
  145. MOM: Ben, you tell your father, because he's not going to let you do this.

    DAD: Do what?
    I'm going on a trip.
  146. Mom: He's not taking any clothes. It's nine o'clock at night and he has ten dollars in his pocket and he's...
    Dad: He's what?
    Mom: He's going on the road.
    Dad: He's what?
    I'm leaving.
  147. Dad: You're what?
    Mom: Ask him where he's going.
    I don't know where I'm going.
  148. Mom: He's going God knows where and he's leaving tonight.
    Dad: He's what?
    Mom: Tell him he's doing no such thing.
    Dad: You're doing what?
    I'm heading out. Across the country. Around the world. If I can get the papers, the passport, the whatever you need, I'll go right around the world.
  149. You're gonna bum around the world?
    I'm gonna work. I'm gonna meet a lot of interesting people. I'm through with all this.
  150. All what?
    All this. I don't know what it is but I'm sick of it. I want something else.
  151. Well what the hell else do you want?
    You know what I want?
  152. No, son, I do not.
    I want simple people. I want simple honest people that can't even read or write their own name. I want to spend my life with that sort of people.
  153. Ben..
    Farmers. Truck drivers. Ordinary people who don't have big houses. Who don't have swimming pools.
  154. Don't get carried away now, son.
    Real people, Dad.
  155. Mom: Aren't we real?
    Dad: You have some romantic notion here, Ben.
    Real people like Gramps. You remember his hands?
  156. Your Grandfather built half of Toledo.
    If you want the clich'e Dad, I'm going out to spend some time with the real people of this country.
  157. Mom: Oh.
    (Dad takes out money)
    Dad: I want you to take this.
    I don't want it.
  158. Here.
  159. Take it.
    I won't (money placed in pocket) Thank you.
  160. ... Benjamin Braddock is made of.
  161. OK?
  162. Call collect if you get into trouble.
    I will.
  163. You have your father's approval, Ben.
    I know.
  164. Mom: Do you think you might be back by Saturday?
    Dad: By Saturday? Heck no. He won't be back by Saturday.
    • (Dad and Ben laugh)
    • Why would I be back by Saturday?
  165. Well, I invited the Robinsons over for dinner.
    Well, I won't be back by Saturday.
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