1. MSA info
    • Mannitol Salt Agar
    • Turns yellow if mannitol can be fermented
    • Selective for gram positive due to high salt content
  2. EMB info
    • Eosin methylene blue
    • Selective for gram negative
    • Colonies appear black if they ferment lactose
    • Colonies appear colorless if they do not ferment lactose
    • E. Coli gives metallic green sheen
  3. Dilution technique
    • 1ml broth -> 99mL water [10-2 dilution]
    • 1ml dilution blank -> melted agar
  4. Citrate test
    • Tests for citric acid as sole carbon source
    • Media turns from green to blue to indicate positive test
  5. heat growth terms
    • Psychrophilic: 0-20 C
    • Psychotrophic: 20-30 C
    • mesophilic: 25-40 C
    • thermophilic: 45-65 C
    • hyperthermophilic: 80+ C
  6. Chemical methods of control terms
    • Disinfectants: used on inanimate objects
    • Antispetics: used on living tissue
    • DRT: decimal reduction time, time it takes to kill 90% of population
  7. Oxygenic growth terms
    • Obligate aerobe: require oxygen
    • Facultative anaerobes: capable of living with or without oxygen
    • Obligate anaerobes: cannot tolerate presence of oxygen
    • Aerotolerant anaerobes: cannot use oxygen, but doesn't kill
    • Microaerophiles: require oxygen at lower concentration
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