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  1. What are absolute ethics
    • An issue only has two sides
    • Black or white Good or bad
  2. What are relative ethics
    An issue may have shades of gray
  3. What is a double effect
    When one commits an act to achieve a good end even though an inevitable but intended effort is negative, then the act might be justified
  4. Crime-control model
    Police efficiency with an emphasis on speed and finality is a top priority
  5. Due process model
    Efficiency is less important than eliminating errors and protection of law is more important than end result of conviction
  6. What is noble cause corruption
    The end of crime control justifies the means even if means are unethical
  7. What is the Lautenberg Amendment
    • Bars Anyone from carrying a firearm if they have a conviction for domestic violence
    • Domestic violence gun ban (1996)
  8. What  is the Knapp commission
    • NY (1973)
    • Meat-eaters and grass-eaters
    • Several factors that influence how much graft officers receive
  9. What is the rotten apple theory
    Corruption is the cause of having a few bad apples who probably had character defects prior to employement
  10. Environmental theory
    Corruption is more the result of widespread politically corrupt environment
  11. How many citizens are killed by police
    They dont keep track
  12. What is mooching
    • Grass-eater
    • Eating off friend's plates
  13. What is Chiseling
    • Meat-eating
    • Demanding for others to get you food
  14. What is Shopping
    • Grass-eater
    • Going to the scene and taking something that doesn't belong to them
  15. What is Shakedown
    • Meat-eater
    • Going to the drugroom to steal drugs and selling it back to the streets
  16. What is Bribery
    • Grass-eater
    • Offering money to not get ticket
  17. What is Extortion
    • Meat-eater
    • Blackmail
  18. What is Favortism
    • Meat-eater
    • Giving passes to certain sides
  19. What is prejudice
    • Meat-eater
    • Two ppl commit the same crime but you dont enforce it the same way
  20. Withrow and Dailey
    Model of circumstantial corruptibility
  21. Type I Drug related corruption
    Seeks to use hi/her position simply for personal gain
  22. Hobbs act of 1970
    Expanded ferderal power for investigating and prosecting corruption
  23. Eustress
    Positive stress
  24. Distress
    Negative stress
  25. Collective bargaining
    The process of negotiations between employer and employee
  26. What is the decending order of resolving police resolutions
    • Negotiation
    • Mediation
    • Nonbinding Arbitration
    • Binding Arbitration
  27. How does August Volmer relate to higher educatin in policing
    Made efforts to involve college educated personnel in police work in 1917
  28. Tennessee v Garner
    • The court held that the use of deadly force to prevent the escape of all felong suspects was constitutionally unreasonable
    • Fleeing felon rule
  29. Moonlight
    To hold a second job in addition to one's normal fulltime occupation
  30. What percentage of a department's officers will have a burnout phase at any time
  31. What is a bargaining arbitration
    Public employees are given the right to bargain with their employees
  32. What is a vote of confidence
    Signals employees displeasure with the chief administrator of the agency
  33. Work slowdown
    Employees continue to work but at a leisurely pace
  34. Gunshot locator system
    Uses microphone like sensors placed on rooftops and telephone poles to record and transmit the sound of gunshots by radiowaves or telephone lines
  35. Describe a TASER ECD
    • 1974
    • resembles a flashlight and shot two tiny darts in the victim
    • 50,000 volt electrical shock
    • 15ft
    • Hawaii, Michigan, Massachussets & New Jersey only places to not use by 1985
  36. Garrity v New Jersey
    Self incrimation of police
  37. August Vollmer
    Father of modern day policing
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