mgmt test #2 section #2

  1. different levels of planning
    strategic, tactical, operational
  2. strategic
    broad general course of action for the entire organization designed to accomplish strategic goals; long term usually (1-3 yrs); how to survive to compete, low to moderate detail, there is uncertainty and risk
  3. tactical
    specific courses of action designed to accomplish special strategic goals (how to); short to intermediate in duration (1 year or less), low risk, done by employees up to middle management, high detail
  4. operational
    specific courses of action identified by a manager in order to accomplish specific objectives that contribute to specific strategic goals; short term
  5. single use plans
    not likely to be repeated (UNCC football team)
  6. standing plans
    typically encounter like hiring and training
  7. contingency plans
    actions to be taken when a company's initial plans haven't worked or required sudden change- natural disasters
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mgmt test #2 section #2
mgmt test #2 section #2