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  1. T or F 
    The testes are the males gametes
  2. T or F
    One of the functions of the lymphatic system is to transport fat
  3. Tor F 
    The glans clitoris is homologout to the glans penis
  4. T or F
    The juxtamedullary function is to raise blood pressure
    False- It regulates water
  5. T or F
    The Dartos Muscle is composed of smooth muscle while the creamster muscle is composed of skeletal?
  6. T or F 
    Each renal papilla empties into only one minor calyx
  7. T or F
    The mucosal layer of the urinary bladder is made of moist stratified epithelium 
    False- It is made of ighly stretchable transitional epithelium
  8. T or F 
    An erection is the result of parasympathetic innervation and ejaculation is the result of sympathetic innervation
  9. The Male Ejacualtion Trace
    • 1. Testies
    •      A. Seminiferous Tubules
    •      B. Rete Testies 
    •      C. Efferent Ductules
    • 2.Epididymis
    • 3. Vas Deferns - Ampulla
    • 4. Ejaculatory Duct
    • 5. Urethra
    •     A. Prostatic  Urethra
    •      B.Membranous Urethra
    • .    C Spongy Urethra
    •      D.External Urethral Orfice
  10. Compare the female & male reproductive system anatomy
    Female                                              Male

    • Ova                                              Sperm
    • Labia Majora                                Male Scrotum
    • Labia Minora                                Shaft of the penis 
    • Greater Vestibular Glands             Male bulbourethral glands
    • Paraurethral (skene) Glands          Prostate Glands
    • Mons Pubis                                  Mons Pubis
    • Clitoris                                         Penis
    • Ovaries                                        Testies
  11. Female Sexual Response
    Arousal & Palteau

    •   Vasocongestion in the labia Minora and the labia Majora (lesser extent)
    •   Vagina becomes moist & reddebed
    •   Vestibular gland lubricate vagina opening
    •    Uterus tilts back
    •    glans & shaft of clitoris swells
    •    Breast swells
    •    Nipples become errect
    •    Sex Flush

    Climax Stage

    • Orgasm, Pelvic Thrusting
    •  Female ejacuation (in some women)
    •  edorphins release

    Refractory Period



    • Uterus drops back
    • Vagina relaxes to normal dimensions 
    • genitial tissues, heart rate, BP, breathing & msucle tone return to normal 
  12. Male Sexual Response
    Arousal & Palteau

    • Arterioles that lead to erictle bodies dilate
    • Blood flow to penis increases 6X the normal amount
    • Penis inflates and presses against the Tunica Albuginea
    • The vein resposnible for draing the penis constricts which makes it harder for blood to exit
    • Bulbourethal glands secrete fluids
    • Sex Flush

    Climax Phase

    • Ejaculation Occurs
    • Sex Flush Continues b
    • Skeletal Muscle Contracts
    • Release Of Endorphins

    • Refractory Period
    • can last minutes to hours 

    • Resolution Stage
    • genital tissues, heart ratem BP, breathing & muscle tone returns to normal. 
  13. The default anatomical gender in humans is 
  14. Put the structures that conduct sperm in the correct order
    • Testes
    • Epididymis
    • Vas Deferens
    • Ampulla 
    • Prostatic Urethra
    • Membranous Urethra
    • Spongy Urethra 
  15. The most common site of fertilization is
    Uterine Tube

    • The most common place of IMPLENTATION is
    • the utereus 
  16. The homologous gland in females to the prostate gland in males is the
    paraurethral gland
  17. Which ligament attaches the ovary to the abdominal wall?
    suspensory ligament- attatches ovary to the abdominal wall.

    • broad ligament- Cover the Uterus Wall
    • ovarian ligament-Anchors Ovaries to the uterus 
  18. Which stage of the sexual response varies most between males and females
  19. Which gland adds about 60% of seminal fluid, fructose, and a UV fluorescent pigment to semen
    seminal vesicles
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