gym handball terms

  1. corner throw
    when the ball is played over his own goal line by a defending player (except the goalkeeper) on either side of the goal, the game is restarted by means if a throw from the corner of the court by one of the attacking players. the player must place one foot on the corner and throw the ball in, using either hand
  2. court player
    member of the handball team playing on the court, except for the goalie
  3. dive shot
    a means of trying to score a goal by launching the entire body into the air toward the goal in an attempt to gain more distance
  4. free throw
    a throw is awarded to the oppposing team when the other team is in violation of certain rules of the game
  5. free-throw line
    the broken line parallel with the goal-area line at an extra distance of 10 feet; from this line, free throws awarded near the goal are taken
  6. goal
    a goal is considered scored when the ball has passed wholly over the goal line between the uprights and underneath the crossbar of the goal
  7. goal area
    the area of the plang court inside and inclusing the goal-area line
  8. goal-area line
    the semicircular line drawn in front of and on either side of the goal
  9. goalkeeper aka goalie
    the player who is allowed to play freely inside the goal area to defend the goal
  10. goal line
    the line forming the end of the court that uns between the uprights of the goal and meets the sidelines at the corners of the court
  11. penalty throw
    a shot attemd by an offensive player when an offensive player is prevented from making a clear goal-scoring chance by foul means, the player attempting the penalty throw is required to make a direct attempt to score a goal from the penalty throw line
  12. referee's throw
    a ball bounce by the referee to restart the game after and interruptionof play caused by players of both teams commiting simultaneous infractions of the rules, or if the game has been interrupted for some other reason
  13. throw-in
    the method of putting the ball back into play after it has crossed one of the sidelines. the throw is taken by a player of the team that did not cause the ball to go out. The player making the throw must have both feet touching the surface outside the sideline and throw the ball into the playing area with one or two hands in any manner
  14. throw-off
    the means the goalkeeper takes of throwing the ball onto the court after obtaining posession of the ball in his goal area
  15. throw-on
    the method of putting the ball in play at the start of the dame and after a goal is scored. the throw is made from the center of the court
  16. throw-out
    same as a throw-off except that efensive players may place themselves at the goal-area line
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