1. What does discriminate mean?
     Discriminate is to treat a people in a certain way depending on their gender,  relion, race, age or gender.
  2. What are Individule Rights?
    • Individual Right are rights you are entitled to as a person
    • (which are the onesx mostly in the fundamental freedoms)
  3. What is rule of  law?
    Rule Of Law is the law that makes every one equal regarless of what palce of position their in.
  4. What is Equailtiy?
    Equaility is to treat everyone the same reagardless of their gender age relion skin tone etc...
  5. What is acomadadating?
    Is ajusting or changing the way something was done
  6. What are Collective rights?
    Collective Rights are rights that individulize you because you are of a certain group
  7. What is a Common Good?
    A Common good is a condition that benefits most people.
  8. What is/are Suffrage/ Suffragetts
    Is the right to vote and what the women who fought to vote were called.
  9. What is a representative democracy
    A Representative democray is when the people vote someone to make decions for them.
  10. What is Magna Carta
    Magna Carta was the first charter of rights made in England during 1215.
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