mgmt test #2 section #1

  1. planning
    formal process of choosing an organizational mission and overall goals for both the short run and long run
  2. 3 functions of planning
    • identify future opportunities
    • identifying and avoiding future problems
    • developing courses of action understanding the risk and uncertainties associate with various options
  3. Step 1 in planning
    situational analysis
  4. situational analysis
    gather and summarize all information relevant to the planning issue in question; environmental analysis and competitive intelligence
  5. Step 2 of Planning process
    alternative goals and plans; make sure their SMART goals
  6. step 3 planning
    goal and plan evaluation (evaluate decisions, disadvantages, PRIORITIZE goals)
  7. step 4 of planning
    goal and plan selection- most feasible
  8. step 5 in planning
    implementation (understand plan, have resources, motivated)
  9. step 6 of planning
    monitor and control
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mgmt test #2 section #1
management test #2 section #1