1. Aurelio Peccei?
    Founder club of Rome.
  2. Rural?
    An adjective meaning country.
  3. Urban?
    An adjective meaning city.
  4. Propagated?
    A verb meaning grown.
  5. Polygot? 
    An adjective meaning many languages?
  6. Oratar?
    A noun meaning debation.
  7. FARC?
    Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Columbia, they are Guerrila soldiers that are a communist party.
  8. Where are the FARC headquarters?
    They are in the Macerena.
  9. Why does FARC choose Cocahaine over other crops?
    Because it can grow and get packaged without getting spoiled by the time it gets to town.
  10. Guahibo land ownership?
    They are nomatic people that follow the food source, they just go wherever, and they don't really own anything.
  11. White colonist banquet?
    When the white people killed 50 - 60 Indians.
  12. Ecomic and government state?
    If you live out in the plains you are out by yourself.
  13. Flora?
    A noun meaning plants.
  14. Fauna?
    A noun meaning plants.
  15. Inundated?
    A verb meaning flooded.
  16. Ruminants?
    A noun meaning cows.
  17. Guahibos?
    Natives to Columbia?
  18. Patricio Lugari?
    Paolo's brother.
  19. Why did Paolo choose the llanos at his polo cation for Gaviotas?
    Because if you can make a society in a patch of dirt, you can make it any where. He is trying to make it miserable so it could be made anywhere.
  20. Jorge Zapp? 
    Head of the mechanical engineering at the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogota.
  21. Dr. Sven Zethelius?
    Soil chemist at the Universidad Nacional agriculture chemistry.
  22. Luis Robels?
    Lab director.
  23. Why not use solutions from another country?
    We not only get their solutions but also their problems.
  24. Students at Gaviotas school?
    Had to be gathered.
  25. Gaviotas?
    A noun meaning river gulls.
  26. Paolo's choice for building?
    A warehouse.
  27. What did it used to be?
    A warehouse of road construction.
  28. Why was this a bad decision?
    It is often cheaper to build new buildings then to fix old ones.
  29. Magnus Zethelius?
    Doctor at Gaviotas and also Sven's son.
  30. Oscar Gutierrez?
    Past doctor of Gaviotas.
  31. Gaviotas manual sleeve pump?
    The invention where kids go up and down on a see saw and it pumps water out.
  32. Paolo Lugari said?
    The best defense is to be defenseless. He doesn't want anybody to have weapons in Gaviotas, they are not allowed
  33. Gangrene?
    A noun meaning dead tissue.
  34. Infinitesimal?
    An adjective meaning small.
  35. Antidote?
    A noun meaning cure.
  36. Eradicated?
    A verb meaning wiped out.
  37. Mortality?
    A noun meaning death.
  38. What was the population of gaviotas in the 1970s?
    Approximately 20.
  39. Moriche olive oil was the new idea to make money in llanos, why don't we see it on our store shelves?
    It requires 35 years to mature verses three and a half years for imported species. Large seeds. Oil yield was about 6% versus 30% Palmas Africanus.
  40. Where is Luis Robels and why?
    He is in the Jungle of Choco because he quit his job because he felt dumb around Ph.D's since he didn't go to college.
  41. What happened in 1975? To who? From where? Why?
    Henry arrived in Gaviotas from Bogota because his parents  were afraid of the guerrilla soldiers.
  42. Who is the only person at Gaviotas that doesn't like kids?
    Luis Robles because he is very serious about his work and they got in his way.
  43. Who returns in 1975? Sick with what?
    Luis Robels returned with 3 malaria strains.
  44. What happened in 1973?
    A global energy crisis.
  45. Who are the UNDP and what do they do?
    They are the United Nations Development Program, and they solved the energy crisis.
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