5.1-6.3 Key Terms and People Social Science Jindra 2012

  1. sub-saharan
    of the part of Africa that lies south of the Sahara
  2. savannah
    broad grassland with scattered trees
  3. natural resource
    product of nature that has economic value
  4. oral history
    account of something passed down by word of mouth from one generation to the next
  5. labor specialization
    division of jobs and skills
  6. Sundiata
    youngest prince; crippled from birth -> allowed to live by Sumanguru (BIG MISTAKE); young and ambitious-> taught himself to walk (first with a cane and then without one) -> defeated Sumanguru and established the Mali Empire
  7. proverb
    wise saying
  8. conversion
    change of religion
  9. Mansa Musa
    grandson of Sundiata; ruler of Mali empire; most famous Muslim ruler; took much gold with him on his hajj
  10. inflation
    general rise in prices
  11. scholarship
    formal study and learning
  12. Ibn Battuta
    one of the greatest travelers of his time; a Moroccan diplomat; spent several months in Mali in 1352 representing the sultan of Morocco -> described Mali as a peaceful country (he was impressed by the way its people strictly followed Islam
  13. siege
    military plan in which the attacking army cuts off supplies to the defenders
  14. griot
    professional storyteller or oral historian from West Africa
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5.1-6.3 Key Terms and People Social Science Jindra 2012