Seventh Grade LA Nonfiction Test Review

  1. Define Analytical writing (Analyze)
    Writing that breaks apart a large idea into parts to help the reader to see how they work together as a whole
  2. Define Descriptive writing (Describe - what does it do?)
    Writing that appeals to the reader's senses of sight, taste, touch, hearing, and smell.
  3. Define Narrative writing (Narrator)
    Tells about real-life experiences through stories and anecdotes
  4. Define Humorous writing (Humor - haha!)
    Writing that entertains the audience by invoking laughter
  5. Define Reflective writing (Reflect)
    Writing that addresses and event or experience and give the writer's insights about its inportance
  6. Define Persuasive writing (Persuade)
    Writing that tries to persuade the reader the reader to adopt a particular point of view or to take a particular course of action.
  7. Define Expository writing (Expose)
    Writing that exposes the the facts, disscusses ideas, or esplains a process
  8. What's a geographical dictionary?
    an alphabetical listing of places with statistical and factual information about them, and perhaps some maps
  9. Define an atlas
    A collection of maps
  10. Define an almanac

    Can Pussycat Stars Play Pleasant Eggs?
    A collection of facts and statistics on the climate, planets, stars, people, planets, events, and so on, updated yearly
  11. Define a dictionary
    An alphabetical listing of words with their pronunciation and definition
  12. Define an encyclopedia
    An alphabetically organized collection of articles on a broad range of subjects
  13. Define a reliable web site.
    Internet pages on an extremely wide variety of topics, sponsored by individuals, companies, governments, and organizations.
  14. List three ways a non-gravity enviroment can affect the body
    Makes blood rush to head, bones get spongy, and muscles getting weak/diminishing.
  15. List two ways Night Watch is unique
    Uses sharp contrasts of dark and light and it's life size
  16. Way(s) the cowboys kept the herd from spooking at night.
  17. List at least three facts about rattlesnakes
    A snake will lie quietly without revealing itself if it thinks it is not seen, not the aggressor, and are sluggish when it's too cool (or hot) because they're cold-blooded.
  18. What type of writing is Life Without Gravity?
  19. What type of writing is What Makes a Rembrandt a Rembrandt?
  20. What type of writing is I am a Native of North America?
    Reflective and narrative
  21. What type of writing is The Real Life of a Cowboy?
    Reflective and Expository
  22. What type of writing is Rattlesnake Hunt?
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Seventh Grade LA Nonfiction Test Review
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