Quiz 10

  1. K
  2. KUB
    kidneys, ureters, bladder
  3. KVO
    keep veins open
  4. L
  5. LTC
    long term care
  6. L&D
    labor and delivery
  7. LLL
    left lower lobe
  8. LMP
    last menstral period
  9. LPN
    licensed practical nurse
  10. LP
    lumbar puncture
  11. liq
  12. MOM
    milk of magnesia
  13. MS
    morphine sulphate
  14. mm
  15. ml
  16. MI
    myocardial infarction
  17. calorie
    energy produced form burning of food eaten
  18. cartilage
    connective tissue at ends of bones
  19. catheter
    tuve to drain fluid from body
  20. cell
    basic unit of body structure
  21. CNS
    central nerous system
  22. CSF
    cerebrospinal fluid
  23. cerumen
    ear wax
  24. cheyne-stokes
    shallow, slow breathing, irregular
  25. chromosomes
    structures in cell nucleus
  26. chronic
    slow, gradual onset: no cure
  27. chyme
    food mixed with gastric juices
  28. clean technique
    medical asepsis
  29. colostomy
    artificial opening in colon
  30. communication
    exchange of information
  31. compound fracture
    bone through skin
  32. comminuted fracture
    bone in many pieces
  33. constipation
    hard feces
  34. contamination
  35. dangling
    sitting patient on side of bed
  36. decubitus ulcer
    pressure sore
  37. dehydration
    lack of body fluids
  38. dementia
    changes in brain function
  39. dermis
    inner layer of skin
  40. diabetes mellitus
    lack of insulin to use sugar
  41. diarrhea
    liquie stool
  42. diastolic
    heart resting/lower b/p reading
  43. disinfection
    destruction of pathogens
  44. dorsal
    lying on back, knees bent but together
  45. drawsheet
    used to turn pt., lift sheet
  46. dysphagia
    trouble swallowing
  47. dyspnea
    trouble breathing
  48. dysuria
    trouble urinating
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