A&P I - Muscles

  1. Temporalis
    Closes jaw
  2. Masseter
    Closes jaw
  3. Rectus abdominis
    Indirectly flexes the vertebrae
  4. External oblique
    Indirectly flexes and rotates vertebral column
  5. Internal oblique
    Indirectly flexes and rotates vertebral column
  6. External intercostal
    Pulls ribs together and up; increases area of thorax (breath in)
  7. Internal intercostal
    Pulls ribs together and down; decreases area of thorax (breath out)
  8. Pectoralis major
    Flexes and rotates entire arm
  9. Pectoralis minor
    Pulls scapula forward
  10. Serratus anterior
    Rolls scapula forward
  11. Serratus posterior
    Pulls ribs down and back; breath in
  12. Transverse abdominis
    Compresses the abdomen (containing viscera)
  13. Latissimus dorsi
    Rotates back and extends arm
  14. Trapezius
    Stabilizes scapula
  15. Rhomboid major
    Retracts scapula
  16. Rhomboid minor
    Retracts scapula
  17. Levator scapulae
    Shrug shoulders; flexes neck sideways; elevates scapula
  18. Diaphragm
    Increases area within lungs (compresses and pushes down)
  19. Deltoid
    Abducts entire arm
  20. Supraspinatus
    Abducts entire arm (with deltoid)
  21. Infraspinatus
    Rotates arm out (forward)
  22. Subscapularis
    Rotates arm in (back)
  23. Coracobrachialis
    Flexes entire arm (pulls arm up)
  24. Teres major
    Stabilizes shoulder
  25. Teres minor
    Stabilizes shoulder
  26. Biceps brachii
    Flexes forearm
  27. Brachialis
    Flexes forearm
  28. Triceps brachii (long, lateral, medial heads)
    Extends forearm
  29. Pronator teres
    Twists/pronates forearm
  30. Gluteus maximus
    *Extends thigh; straightens leg
  31. Gluteus medius
    Medially rotates thigh
  32. Biceps femoris (long and short heads) - hamstrings
    Extends thigh and flexes knee (located laterally)
  33. Semitendinosus
    Flexes thigh and flexes knee (located medially)
  34. Semimembranosus
    Extends thigh and flexes knee (located medially)
  35. Gracilis
    Adducts thigh and flexes leg (located medially)
  36. Sartorius (*longest muscle in body)
    Flexes, abducts, & laterally rotates thigh
  37. Tensor fascia latae
    Flexes, adducts, & medially rotates thigh
  38. Rectus femoris
    Flexes thigh and extends knee
  39. Vastus medialis
    Extends knee
  40. Vastus lateralis
    Extends knee
  41. Vastus intermedius
    Extends knee
  42. Tibialis anterior
    Dorsiflexion of foot
  43. Extensor digitorum longus
    Dorsifexion of foot and extends toes
  44. Fibularis longus
    Plantar flexion/foot eversion
  45. Fibularis brevis
    Plantar flexion/foot eversion
  46. Gastrocnemius (lateral and medial heads)
    Plantar flexion/some knee bend
  47. Soleus
    Plantar flexion
  48. Popliteus
    Flexes and medially rotates lower leg
  49. Flexor hallucis longus
    Plantar flexion of hallux
  50. Flexor digitorum longus
    Plantar flexion of toes
  51. Calcaneal (Achilles) tendon
    Connects soleus and gastrocnemius to calcaneus
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