Medical Terms.

  1. amenorrhea
    lack of menstruation
  2. dysmenorrhea
    painful or abnormal menstrual flow
  3. endometriosis
    presence and growth of endometrial tissue in areas outside the uterus
  4. menorrhagia
    excessive bleeding during and between the normal menstrual period
  5. oligomenorrhea
    abnormally light or infrequent menstruation
  6. oophoritis
    inflammation of  the ovaries
  7. salpingitis
    inflammation of the fallopian tube
  8. vaginitis
    inflammation of the vagina caused by bacteria, virus or autoimmune disorders
  9. colposcopy
    examination of vaginal and cervical tissue using a scope
  10. hysterectomy
    surgical removal of the uterus
  11. menomentrorrhagia
    excessive bleeding during the menstrual period
  12. conization
    surgical removal of a cone-shaped segment of the cervix for diagnosis or treatment/ also called a cone biopsy
  13. cryosurgery
    destruction and removal of tissue by rapid freezing
  14. laparoscopy
    examination of the contents of the abdominal and pelvic cavity using a scope
  15. mammography
    x-ray examination of the soft tissue of the breast
  16. mastectomy
    surgical removal of the breast and surrounding tissue
  17. uteropexy
    surgical fixation of the uterus to the abdominal wall
  18. effacement
    normal thinning and shortening of the cervix; occurs during labor
  19. lochia
    vaginal discharge from the uterus that occurs for the first week or two after chilbirth
  20. parturition
    act of giving birth; childbirth; delivery
  21. primigravida
    first pregnancy
  22. abortion
    induced termination of pregnancy
  23. dystocia
    difficult or painful labor
  24. eclampsia
    most severe form of gestation hypertension characterized by seizures abnormal implantation of a fetrtilized ovum outside the uterus; also called a tubal pregnancy
  25. hysterorrhexis
    rupture of the uterus
  26. amniocentesis
    surgical puncture into the amniotic sac to remove fluid for analysis; identifies genetic disorders; usually preformed during the 15th week of pregnancy or later
  27. amniography
    process of taking an x-ray of the amniotic sac using a contrast medium
  28. amnioscopy
    vilualization of the fetus with a scopethat enters the amniotic cavity through the abdominal wall
  29. cerclage
    suturing the cervical opening to prevent miscarriage; treatment for a history of incopitant cervix
  30. episiotomy
    incision into the perineum to facilitate delivery and prevent perineal laceration or tearing
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