Deaf Culture LAST

  1. Where was the first deaf school established and when?
    Hartford, Connecticut in 1817
  2. Who were the two men that estabilshed the first school for the deaf?
    Laurent Clerc (deaf French teacher) and Reverend Thomas Gallaudet
  3. What do deaf people look for in restaurants in the way of lighting?
    they look for the most light possible!
  4. Why do deaf people often tip really small?
    they either don't know how or they had a bad experience with the server.
  5. Why do deaf peole travel more?
    more and more places are starting to have more accomodations
  6. Why do deaf people protest the closing of deaf schools?
    it's where deaf people learn their culture
  7. What does the deaf community think about deaf-hearing marriages?
    they don't really like them, but some people do them for practical reasons
  8. What is an Iconic name sign?
    name sign related to a person's characteristic
  9. What is an Abstract name sign?
    isn't related to the person or the name at all (like Krystina's name sign)
  10. What is Martha's Vineyard?
    a "deaf utopia" where everyone (hearing or deaf) participated equally and everyone knew sign
  11. How were people treated in Martha's Vineyard?
    everyone was treated equally
  12. In Martha's Vineyard, where did a lot of the deaf people come from?
    Weald, England
  13. What ended the large amount of deafness in Martha's Vineyard?
    kids left the island for the deaf school (first deaf school ever) and began marrying hearing people, where the deaf gene was recessive
  14. What was the first sign language called at Martha's Vineyard?
    MVSL - Martha's Vineyard Sign Language
  15. Were deaf people allowed in the Civil War?
  16. What was the only deaf school open in the South during the Civil War?
    Kentucky School for the Deaf
  17. What did many deaf schools become after the Civil War? Why?
    They became military schools to teach discipline
  18. How did Laurent Clerc become deaf?
    he fell off his high chair into a fire when he was a baby
  19. Who is famous deaf sculptor?
    Douglas Tilden
  20. Who was the deaf man who helped win the battle after the Alamo?
    Erastus "Deaf" Smith
  21. Who was the deaf woman that founded the girl scouts?
    Juliette Gordon Low
  22. First deaf pilot:
    Nellie Zable Height
  23. First deaf pilot to circle the earth:
    Rulan Thomas
  24. Who was the deaf lifeguard that saved a record 907 lives?
    Leroy Columbo
  25. Who was a famous deaf stunt actress?
    Kitty O'Neil
  26. First deaf president of Gallaudet University?
    King Jordan
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