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  1. 106. inured (v)
    accustomed to hardship, difficulty, pain; coming into use or taking effect; becoming beneficial or advantageous
  2. 107. invidious (adj)
    causing discontent or envy
  3. 108. irresolute (adj)
    uncertain how to act or proceed; vacillating, doubtful
  4. 109. jaded (n)(v)
    worn out by overwork or abuse; exhausted
  5. 110. jingoism (n)
    extreme chauvinism or nationalism marked by a belligerent foreign policy
  6. 111. litany (n)
    a resonant or repetitive recital; a prayer; a prolonged or tedious account
  7. 112. Machiavellian (adj)(n)
    characterized by cunning, duplicity, or bad faith; The ends justify the means
  8. 113. malodorous (adj)
    bad smelling
  9. 114. manacles (v)(n)
  10. 115. manifestation (n)
    something easily perceived or understood by the senses
  11. 116. mellifluous (adj)
    flowing or sweetened with or as if with honey; sweetly flowing
  12. 117. mesmerize (v)
    having hypnotic appeal; spellbind; fascinate
  13. 118. metonymy (n)
    figure of speech using the name of one thing for another closely related to it
  14. 119. microcosm (n)
    commnity that is an epitome of a larger entity; a little world; anything that is regarded as a world in miniature
  15. 120. mien (n)
    mood or personality; demeanor; bearing; appearnace
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