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  1. Kennedy's New Frontier proposals for increase in federal aid and medical asst.
    were stalled by strong oppostion in congress
  2. The industry that engaged in bitter conflict with kennedy over price increase was
    the steel industry
  3. the fundamental military policy of kennedys adminstration was
    develop a flexible responseto fighting brushfire wars with the thrid world
  4. The first major foreign policy disaster of kennedys administration came when 
    America-backed cuban rebels  were defeated by Castro Cuban army in the Bay of Pigs
  5. The Cuban Missile crisis ended when
    The soviets agreed to put all missiles out of Cuba and the US agreed to not invade Cuba
  6. Kennedys administration was pushed into a stronger stand on civil rights by
    the civil rights movement led by MLK and freedom riders
  7. Johnson won in 64 by landslide bc
    Goldwater was seen as a rep. trigger happy extremist
  8. Johnson was more successful than economic and civil rights measures than Kennedy bc
    Johnson had demo. gained control over congress in 64
  9. most racial riots of the 1960 occured in 
    northern cities
  10. Vice president to loyal LBJ policies defeated in 68
    Hubert Humphrey
  11. 3rd party candidate who won 9 mil votes and carried 5 states
    Goerge C wallace
  12. 1st black in ol miss
    James Meredith
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