BCC Final Paul (Unit 11: Sessions 34 & 35)

  1. Know Paul’s vital statistics (importance, birthplace, training) and the four background influences on his life.
    • 11-5
    • Born in a city Taruas
    • Trained in Judaism in Jerusalem
    • Background:
    • -Greek culture= Hellenism
    • -Roman citizen
    • -Jewish- moved to Jerusalem, a pharisee
    • -Christian
  2. How did the event on the road to Damascus change Paul’s life and thinking?
    • 11-6
    • A personal encounter with the resurrected Jesus himself
    • -A call from God upon Paul's life that changed  him forever
  3. Note that the concept of salvation in Paul’s writings includes 
    “grace” as God’s gift to us, “faith” as our response to him, and “justification” as a picture of the result.
  4. Explain the three indispensible components of faith.
    • Belief
    • Trust
    • Action
  5. Be able to compare the following three metaphors Paul uses to explain salvation:
    • Sin: Human disobidience that brings a death sentence
    • Jesus' Death: Is the payment for the penalty on sin
    • Appropriation: Accept the payment  through faith
  6. Note how the structure of Paul’s letters reflect the relationship between theology and ethics in Paul—we are called to live out who we are (identity) in Christ.
    • 11-10
    • The first half of Pauline letters are typically didicated to the theological issues that need to e addressed at the chuch
    • The ETHICS in the second half are often introduced by the logical connector "therefore that sets them up as the result of the theology he has just presented 
  7. Judicial, participationist, and sacrificial;
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BCC Final Paul (Unit 11: Sessions 34 & 35)
BCC Final Paul (Unit 11: Sessions 34 & 35)