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  1. long term-potentiation (LTP)
    strengthening of a sypnapse's firing potential after brief, rapid stimulation. Neural basis for learning and memory. Less prompting is needed to release the neurotransmitter.
  2. longitudinal study
    measures behavior of an individual as they age
  3. mental set
    approaching a problem in a certain way
  4. method of loci
    a memory technique in which a person imagines herself moving through a familiar series of locations, associating each place with a visual representation of the topic that needs to be remembered. To retrieve the image, mentally revisit the location.
  5. MMPI test
    used to find out psychological disorders
  6. Misinformation effect
    misleading information is incorporated into memory
  7. Acetylcholine (ACh)
    neurotransmitter involved in muscles, learning and memory
  8. Dopamine
    neurotransmitter involved with attention, learning and emotion
  9. Glutamate
    neurotransmitter involved with memory
  10. GABA
    inhibitory neurotransmitter (chillax)
  11. Opponent-process colors
    Opposing retinal processes enable color vision- For instance, some cells are stimulated by red and inhibited by green—this lets you see color.
  12. Paradoxical Sleep
    when your body is relaxed in sleep except for some muscle twitches
  13. Cocktail Party Effect (Selective Attention)
    being able to focus in on one stimuli instead of being overwhelmed by everything
  14. Social facilitation
    people tend to do better around other people (competition) rather than at their own leisure
  15. Wernicke's Area
    comprehending language (aphasia means the inability to understand here)
  16. Zajonc's "Mere Exposure Effect"
    being exposed to something makes a person more predispositioned to like it
  17. Extinction
    the gradual unlearning of a learned response
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