BCC Final Kingdom of God (Unit 9: Sessions 27 & 28)

  1. Define “kingdom of God”
    Means the dynamic rule or reign of God
  2. What is the platform of Jesus’ kingdom (Luke 4:14-30)? 
    • -Jesus reveals that he is the messiah
    • -His role is to bring liberty news to the poor, the blind, the slaves, and the oppressed
    • -This is the proclamation of God's favorable year
    • -God's favor will extend even to the outsiders.
  3. What do the woman at the well (John 4), footwashing (John 13), and the two rich men (Luke 18-19) teach about the nature of the kingdom?
    The kingdom is full of surprises. Like the original audience, we are left baffeld and preplexed
  4. How did Jesus shatter five social rules by asking
    for a drink in John 4?
    • Jesus violates turf rules
    • Shes's a woman
    • She's a promiscuous flirt
    • She's a samaritan
    • Jesus deliberatley defiles himself
  5. How did Jesus address the issue of status when he washed the disciples’ feet in John 13?
    Jesus was modeling downard nobility when hewashed his disciples' feet.
  6. How is there power in service?
    Jesus offers an invitation to live the way of service
  7. Based on class presentation, how would one compare Jesus’ encounters with Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10) and the Rich Young Ruler (Luke 18:18-30)? 
    • Rich younger ruler runs up to Jesus
    • Jesus invites himself to lunch with Zacchaeus who is moved by is compassion 
    • 9-8
  8. Know that, in terms of economics, the kingdom value is 
    that the good life is a shared life (i.e., it’s not about accumulating wealth, but sharing it). 
  9. How is the kingdom “already but not yet”?
    The kingdom has arrived already with the coming of Jesus, it has not yet been fully  fulfilled.
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BCC Final Kingdom of God (Unit 9: Sessions 27 & 28)
BCC Final Kingdom of God (Unit 9: Sessions 27 & 28)