1. Bilinial descent
    trace by both of your parents (American society)
  2. Unilinial Descent
    just through  one side of the family
  3. patrilineal descent
    only male side of the family
  4. Matrilineal Descent
    females side of the family only
  5. Family of orientation
    The family you are born into
  6. Family of procreation
    Family you procreate
  7. Place of residence
    where you live
  8. Patrilocal
    Where one is expected to live with the male's side of the family
  9. Matrilocal
    Where one is expected to live on the womens side of the family
  10. Neolocal
    Where a couple finds a new location for themselves
  11. Polyandry
    one women marries more than one male
  12. Polygyny
    one man is married to more than one female

    • (Benifits) * keeps the population down
    • * preserves the land
    • * keeps tradition
  13. Exogamy
    one who marries outside of own society
  14. Endogamy
    one who marries within one own community
  15. gender
    Biological sex (male / Female)
  16. Western society has two accepted genders
    • masculine:
    • feminine
  17. ethnocentrism
    belief in the intrinsic superiority of the nation, culture, or group towhich one belongs, often accompanied by feelings of dislike for othergroups
  18. Why do women get circumcised
    •Beautification•Hygiene•Curbing female sexuality•Clarifies a distinction between male and female•Enhancement of male sexual pleasure•Enhancement of female fertility•Enhancement of female monogamy•Disease prevention•Conforming with social norms and traditions•Ensuring that your daughters will be marriageable•Ensuring a continuation of women’s beliefs and organizations (women control circumcision rituals)
  19. Male circumcision
    Neonatal circumcision became routine only in late 19thcentury–Preventative measure against masturbation and other acts of sexual deviance•Medicalizedand routinized–Morally and physically “hygienic”–In some areas of the country, the vast majority of living men are circumcised•What are your thoughts on male circumcision in America?
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