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  1. Mobility(Noun)
    • a. the quality or state of being able to move
    • b. the movement of people, as from one social group, class or level to another 
  2. Supremacy(Noun)
    • a. the quality of state of having power
    • b. ultimate power or authority 
  3. Opaque(Adjective)
    • a. not letting light pass through; not transparent or translucent
    • b. not reflecting light; not sharing or lustrous; dull or dark
  4. Stanza(Noun)
    one of the divisions of a poem composed of two or more lines usually characterized by a common pattern of meter, rhyme and number of lines 
  5. Symmetry(Noun)
    balance or beauty of form or proportion resulting from such correspondence
  6. Esoteric(Adjectice)
     intended for or understood by only a chosen few;as an inner group of disciples of initiates beyond the understanding or knowledge of most people; abstruse, confidential; private
  7. Obscure(Adjective)
    lacking light; dim; dark; murky; not dear or distinct; faint or undefined; not easily understood; vaguel cryptic in an inconspicuous position; hidden
  8. Marred(Adjective)
    something that is injuired of blemished
  9. Detrimental(Adjective)
    causing damage of harm; injurious
  10. Soporific(Adjective)
    causing or tending to cause sleep of or characterized by sleep or sleepiness
  11. Plagiarist(Noun)
    the unauthorized use of close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work
  12. Inaudible(Adjective)
    unable to be heard 
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