BCC Final Wisdom unit 7 Session 21

  1. Be able to write the definition of wisdom: 
    The art of living skillfully in the challenges of everyday life.
  2. Know the three-part definition of wisdom literature
    Seeks to teach or persuade, draws upon the broad range of Human experience for its data, and is concerned for making the best of human life right here and now.
  3. Two types of wisdom material
    Recipe Wisdom: Describes the recipe for having a good life in this world. Existential Wisdom: Tries to figure out why the recipe doesn’t seem to work sometimes.
  4. Know the essential message of the book of
    God has created the universe in an orderly way. This way may be discovered and cooperated wwith those who do so, the wise and the righteous, will live a successful and satisfying life; those who do not will find sorrow and destruction
  5. What does Proverbs say about the relationship of
    wealth to poverty?
    • Wisdom and integrity are more important than wealth. The
    • wealthy should not only share with the poor, but care for their rights.
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BCC Final Wisdom unit 7 Session 21
BCC Final Wisdom unit 7 Session 21