1. allograph
    differing letter sequences that represent the same phoneme (eg heat, key, tree
  2. allophone
    variant production of a phoneme
  3. aspiration
    the production of a frictional noise (similar to h) following the release of a voiceless stop consonant
  4. blade
    the part of the tongue located just posterior to the tip
  5. coarticualation
    an articulatory process whereby individual phonemes overlap one another due to timing constraints and ease of production
  6. consonant
    a phoneme produced with a constriction in the vocal track
  7. consonant cluster
    two or three contiguous consonants in a syllable (eg strike, please, leapt)
  8. digraph
    pair of letters that represent one sound, the letters may be the same or different (eg look, think, ear)
  9. dipthong
    a single phoneme consisting of two vowel elements
  10. dorsum
    the body of the tongue
  11. epenthesis
    the addition of a phoneme to a word during speech production as a result of coarticulation, dialect or a speech disorder
  12. glottis
    the space between the vocal folds
  13. grapheme
    a printed alaphbet letter used in the representation of an allograph
  14. homorganic
    two consonants sharing the same place of articulation (eg time, neck)
  15. intervocalic
    a consonant located between two vowels
  16. intraoral pressure
    the air pressue within the oral cavity, created by a constriction of the articulators during producion of stop consonants
  17. lateral
    a manner of production in which the aristream is directed over the sides of the tongue (l). Think liquid.
  18. metathesis
    the switching of two phonemes in a word due to speech error, dialectal variation, or a speech disorder
  19. minimal pair
    a pair of words that vary by only one phoneme, (eg fan/van)
  20. misarticulation
    an articulatory error, classically categorized as an omission, substitution distortion or addition (SODA)
  21. phonlogical processes
    simplifications used by children not capable of producing adult speech patterns
  22. postvocalic
    consonant following a vowel
  23. prevocalic
    consonant preceding a vowel
  24. rhotacization
    the production of a phoneme with a r quality
  25. root
    the portion of the tongue that attaches to the anterior wall of the pharynx and the mandible
  26. tap
    a manner of consonant production involving a rapid movement of the tongue tip against the alveolar ridge resulting in the creation of a very brief phoneme
  27. vowel quadrilateral
    a teo dimensional figure representing tongue height and tongue advancement that displays the relative position of the tongue during vowel production
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