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  1. all member nations had a voice and a vote in the UN body
  2. Inside the Russian zone, it was, like the rest of germany, divided into four sections and under occupations of four powers
  3. One of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Counsil
  4. Term used to describe the state of continuing hositilities that continued after 1945 in the west and the communist war
    Cold War
  5. Total number of permanent and nonpermanent security concil members
  6. It lost territory to Russia and was compelled to sign a ten year mutual assistance pact with Russia
  7. Charles De Gaulle was elected president here in 1945
  8. Divided in the 38th parallel between the US and Russia
  9. Site of trails for Nazi criminals
  10. Russia took it's territory and used militants to establish a communist regime in this nation
  11. Site of 1945 where Truman Stalin and Churchhill planned the control on Germany and Warcrime trails
    Potsdam Conference
  12. Where 50 nations met to create the UN character
    San Francisco
  13. The civil service of the UN it was headed by the Sec. General and perform the work the administration of the UN
  14. Dictator of the soviet union
  15. Highest Ranking American at Potsdam
  16. The failure of the league of nations brought this org
    United Nations
  17. Power of the permanent members of the Security Concil it tended to weaken the effectivness of the UN
  18. An affilate to the UN to lend money to for reconstruction and national debts to all countries
    World Bank
  19. At this Black Sea resort in 1945 Roosevelt Stalin and Churchill reached several important decisions for post war world.
  20. Election of 1960 candidates
    • JFK- dem- winner
    • Nixon-Rep
  21. 1st American to orbit the earth
    John Gleen
  22. Who assassinated JFK
    Lee Harvey Oswald
  23. Vice President who resigned from office because of tax invasion
    Spiro Agnew
  24. Prime Minster of Great Britain who opposed appeasement
    Winston Churchill
  25. Communist leader of Russia during ww2 whos allies with US
    Joseph Stalin
  26. Only president elected four times in office
    Franklin D Roosevelt
  27. First Catholic and youngest president ever
    John F Kennedy
  28. Nazi leader of Germany during ww2
    Adolf Hitler
  29. Elected president during bicencenntenial known for human rights campaign
    Jimmy Carter
  30. Fascist leader of Italy during ww2 who allied his country with Germany
    Benito Mussolini
  31. Nationalist leader in Vietnam who fought against french and america to make vietnam communist
    Ho Chi Mihn
  32. President who created Star Wars weapon system
    Ronald Reagan
  33. Arrested in Montegomery for not giving up her seat
    Rosa Parks
  34. Became a communist leader in Cuba after revolution and held power till 2008
    Fidel Castro
  35. President who was pardoned from former pesident who elected him
    Gerald Ford
  36. Militant Black leader who opposed MLKs non violent tactics
    Malcolm X
  37. First Russian Satellite
  38. Systematic slaughter of whole groups of people
  39. German Lighting War
    Blitz Krieg
  40. System of division between communsits and noncommunists in Europe
    iron curtain
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