language arts

  1. which piece of art would not be shown in a greek museum?
    A; a drawing of ancient greek buildings
    B; a model of an ancient egyptian sculpture
    C; a sculpture of an ancient roman athlete
    D; a painting of the ancient olympic games
    B: because the museum is about or in greece and egypt isn't near greece and doesnt have anything to do with greece or greek culture.
  2. the maqin purpose of this flier is to-
    A; train students in clothing design
    B; inform students of their chioces
    C; identify the students' talents
    D; persuade students to write songs
    B: none of the other choices really make..
  3. what is the main organizational pattern of the flier?
    A; concept/definition
    B; cause and effect
    C; camparision/contrast
    D; chronological order
    A: concept/definition because they are giving a reason and an answer or a activity and a description.
  4. which of these is the best summary of this story?
    A; the daughter of space archaeologists, in spite of dust storm warnings, goes exploring to find space equiptment and becomes lost.
    B; the daughter of space archaeologists becomes lost in a dust storm while she is setting up her sketching material.
    C; the daughter of space archaeologists is found after becoming lost in a storm and discovering antique space equiptment.
    D; the daughter of space archaeologists takes her sketch pad to draw landscapes but becomses lost in a blinding dust storm.
    C: needs a begginging middle and end for it to be a summary of a story.
  5. which phrase best describe how trynns parents treat her?
    A; rewarding her with freedom.
    B; wanting her to be like them
    C; involving her in their work
    D; reqiuring her to help them
    C: they often involve trynn in their work but they dont do the rest.
  6. the main purpose of an artical about parrots is mainly to-
    A; convince a reader to buy a parrot
    B; inform the reader about parrots' abilities
    C; entertain the reader with an animal story
    D; teach the reader about talking animals
    B: thats the only answer that really makes any sense because parrots dont talk you wouldnt write a artical to convince someone to buy a parrot and this isnt a "fun" or "funny" story.
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