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  1. What is the leading cause of injury in women
  2. What is the leading cause of death for pregnant and postpartum women in the U.S.
  3. What is the most deadly of all reproductive cancers
    Ovarian Cancer
  4. What leading acute illness in children
    Resp issues
  5. What is the leading cause of death in Infants
    Congenital abnormalities
  6. What is the leading nutritional deficiency in infants
    Iron deficiency anemia
  7. At what age should you hold peanuts until
    3 years old
  8. What is the most common preventable disease in children
    Dental caries
  9. Leading cause of death in children and adolescents?
    car wrecks
  10. What is the most effective means of preventing dental caries
    Floridated water
  11. What are the 3 leading causes of death in adolescents
    • 1) Injuries (40 % involving alcohol)
    • 2) Homicide
    • 3) Suicide
  12. Kids less than how old are @ risk for child abuse?
  13. Where do most fall occur in the elderly?
    At home
  14. What are the two types of family crisis?
    Maturational and situational
  15. How do you prevent west nile virus?
    Eliminate sources of standing water
  16. What are qualifications for home care
    Skilled need, and homebound status
  17. What are the 3 phases of home visists?
    Initiation, implementation, and termination
  18. What are the four leading causes of death in infants.
    1)Congenital anomolies, 2) LBW 3) Sids/ Resp distress.
  19. leading cuase of disability in the U.S.
  20. What is the leading preventable birth defect
    Alcohol in pregnancy
  21. What is a major risk factor for depression
    Having a family history of depression
  22. What is the most common phobia
    Fear of public speaking
  23. When does ADHD usually appear
    Before age 7
  24. What is the largest drug problem in the us?
  25. What is the greatest cause of disability in the U.S.
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