Male Reproductive System

  1. anorchism
    condition in which there is a lack of one or both testes
  2. azoospermia
    condition in which the semen lacks spermatoza
  3. balanitis
    inflammation of the glans penis
  4. castrate
    to remove the testicles in a man or ovaries in a women
  5. circumcision
    surgical process of removing the foreskin of the penis
  6. cloning
    the process of cloning a genetic duplicate of an individual organism through asexual reproduction
  7. coitus
    sexual intercourse between a man and a women
  8. condom
    thin flexible protective sheath, usually rubber, worn over the penis during copulation to help prevent impregnation or venereal disease
  9. condyloma
    wart like growth on the skin, most often seen on the external genetalia
  10. ejaculation
    process of expulsion of seminal fluid from the male urethra
  11. epididymitis
    inflammation of the epididymis
  12. eugenics
    study and control of the brining forth of offspring as a means of improving genetic characteristics of future generations
  13. gamete
    mature reproductive cell of the male or female; spermatozoon or ovum
  14. gynecomastia
    condition of excessive development of the mammory glands in the male
  15. heterosexual
    pertaining to the oppisite sex
  16. homosexual
    pertaining to the same sex
  17. hydrocele
    accumulation of fluid in a saclike cavity
  18. hypospadias
    congenital defect in which the urethra opens on the underside of the penis
  19. infertility
    inability to produce a viable offspring
  20. orchidectomy
    surgical excision of a testicle
  21. orchidotomy
    incision into a testicle
  22. parenchyma
    essential cells of a gland or organ that are ao concerned with its functions
  23. phimosis
    narrowing of the opening of the prepuce wherein the foreskin cannot be drawn back over the glans penis
  24. prostatectomy
    surgical excision of the prostate
  25. spermatogenesis
    formation of spermatozoa
  26. spermatozoon
    male sex cell
  27. testicular
    pertaining to the testicle
  28. trisomy
    genetic condition of having three chromosomes instead of two that causes various birth defects
  29. varicocele
    enlargement and twisting of the veins of the spermatic cord
  30. vasectomy
    surgical procedure in which the vas deferens are tied off and cut apart providing permanent sterility by preventing transport of sperm out of the testes
  31. vesiculitis
    inflammation of a seminal vesicle
  32. benign prostatic hyperplasia
    an enlargement of the prostate gland that can occur in men who are 50 years and older
  33. cyptorchidism
    condition in which the testes fail to decend into the scrotum
  34. gonorrhea
    highly contagious venereal disease of the genital mucous membrane of either sex
  35. prostate cancer
    a malignant tumor that grows in the prostate gland
  36. erectile dysfunction
    inability to acheive or maintain an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse
  37. circum-
  38. eu-
    good, normal
  39. hydro-
  40. tri-
  41. balan
    glans penis
  42. crypt
  43. ejaculat
    to throw out
  44. orch
  45. prostat
  46. sperm/i
  47. varic/o
    twisted vein
  48. vesicul
    seminal vesicle
  49. zoon
  50. -cele
    hernia, tumor, swelling
  51. -plasty
    surgical repair
  52. -rrhea
    flow, discharge
  53. epi-
    upon, over, above
  54. hypo-
    below, under, deficient
  55. par-
    around, beside
  56. castr
    to prune
  57. didym
  58. mast
    mastoid process, breast shaped
  59. phim
  60. spadias
    rent, opening
  61. testicul
  62. vas
  63. zo/o
  64. -cide
    to kill
  65. -ectomy
    surgical excision, surgical removal, resection
  66. -genesis
    formation, produce
  67. BPH
    benign prostatic hyperplasia
  68. HPV
    human papillomavirus
  69. TURP
    transurethral resection of the prostate
  70. CAM
    complementary and alternative medicines
  71. HSV-2
    herpes simplex virus - 2
  72. VD
    venereal disease
  73. ED
    erectile dysfunction
  74. PSA
    prostate-specific antigen
  75. GC
  76. STDs
    sexually transmitted diseases
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