Histology Sec 5 Bone

  1. What is the epiphyseal plate?
    Boder between metaphysis and the begining of an epiphysis (place where growth occurs)
  2. What is the clinical importance of the epiphyseal plate?
    if it is fractured during pefore adult hood it will no continue to grow
  3. Where are osteocytes located?
    found in lacunae in the matrix
  4. Where are osteoblasts located?
    on surface of matrix?
  5. What is the main function of osteoblasts?
    lay down new bone tissue
  6. What is the characteristic of periostium?
    covers the bone and has collagen fibers and fibroblasts into which muscles are inserted
  7. What is the haversain canal?
    runs parrallell in the bone and contains blood vessels?
  8. What is the volkmann's canal?
    run perpedicular in the bones and contains blood vesseles
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Histology Sec 5 Bone