1. What is fertilization?
    The process in which male and female gametes are fused.
  2. Where does fertilization occur?
    In the ampullary region of the uterine tube.
  3. What are thge phases of Fertilization?
    • Phase I: penetration of the corna radiata
    • Phase II: penetration of the zona pellicida
    • Phase III: fusion of the oocyte and sperm cell membrane
  4. What are the results of fertilization?
    • 1) restoration of diploid number of chromosomes
    • 2) determination of sex
    • 3) initiation of cleavage
  5. When does the ooctye finish meiosis II?
    After fertilzation
  6. What is cleavage?
    Mitotic division.
  7. What are blastomeres?
    The cells cleave into smaller parts
  8. When does the embyro divide to form a morula?
    3 days after fertilization
  9. Embryoblasts
    The cells of the inner cell mass
  10. Trophoblast
    outer cell mass
  11. What is the function of Zona Pellucida
    • -species-specific sperm penetration
    • -prevents immature plantation
  12. What is hatching?
    enzymatic production by trophoblasts to digest the zona pellucida
  13. cleavage to inner cell mass to epiblast and hpyoblast.  From hypoblast to extraembryonic endoderm to yolk sac
  14. cleavage to trophoblast to cytotrophoblast to syncytrophoblasts
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