Human Nutrition

  1. What is foodborne illness?
    Disease transmitted to humans by food
  2. Who is at risk?
    Infants, young children, pregnant women, the elderly, and people who are chronically ill have a greater risk of developing a foodborne illness because their immune systems may not be able to fight off the bacteria and viruses that cause the illness
  3. How does food become hazardous?
    Chemically, Physically and Biologically
  4. What is the greatest threat to food safety?
  5. What conditions encourages bacteria to grow?
    The "Danger Zone" = between 40 and 140 degrees
  6. What is alcohol?
    Organic compound composed of fermented sugars
  7. How many calories per gram does alcohol contain?
    7 calories per gram
  8. What is alcohol dehydrogenase?
    Enzyme from the stomach and liver that metabolized alcohol
  9. How many drinks of alcohol can an average healthy person metabolize per hour?
    One drink per hour
  10. What percent of alcohol is excreted in the breath, urine and sweat?
  11. How much alcohol is considered to be one drink?
    1/2 fl. oz
  12. How many ounces of beer, wine and hard liquor are in one serving size?
    Beer - 12 oz

    Wine - 5 oz

    Hards - 1.5 oz
  13. What is alcohol proof?
    • Twice the volume of alcohol in percent terms
    • (Ex. 80 proof is 40% alcohol)
  14. Moderate alcohol use between Males and Females
    Males - 2 drinks per day

    Female - 1 drink per day
  15. What are the benefits of moderate alcohol use?
    HDL, Blood Clotting, Prevents Ischemic Stroke, Decrease BP, Relaxation, Increase appetite
  16. Negative health effects of too much alcohol (11)
    Damage protein membranes, Liver damage, Increased risk of cancer, Increased BP, Hemorrhagic Stroke, Brain Damage, Inflammation of stomach lining, Suppress Immune System, Interferes with medication, Alcoholism, Weight problems
  17. How many drinks are considered to be binge drinking for males and females?
    Males - 5 or more drinks

    Females - 4 or more drinks
  18. Purchasing
    "Buy cold food last ... Get home fast!"
  19. Storing
    "Don't wait ... Refrigerate!"
  20. Preparing
    "Keep it straight ... Don't cross-contaminate!"
  21. Cooking
    "Cook it well ... Or time will tell!"
  22. Serving
    "Keep hot foods hot ... Keep cold foods cold"
  23. Handling leftovers
    "If in doubt ... Throw it out!"
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