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  1. What is the purpose of cartilage?
    • -Forms supporting framework of some organs (walls of airway)
    • -Forms articulating surfaces of bone
    • -Forms the template for te growth and developement of long bones
  2. What is cartilage made from?
    • -Chondroblasts and Chondrocytes
    • -extracellular matrix is 10%
    • -water and collagen fibers is 75%
  3. What are the types of cartilage?
    • 1) Hyaline¬†
    • 2) Fibrocartilage
    • 3) Elastic cartilage
  4. What is Hyaline Cartilage?
    • Most common with a glassy appearance. found in epiphyseal plates.
    • Matrix of hyaline cartilage is compoased of type II collagen proteoglycans, glycoproteins and extracellular fluid.
  5. What is fibrocartilage?
    tendon insertions and IV discs and pubic symphysis, reinforced with bundles of collagen fibers.  An intermediate between dense and hyaline cartilage.
  6. What is elastic cartilage?
    found in ear and epiglottis, flexible and resilient, has elastic fibers as well as collagen fibers.
  7. Cartilage nourishment?
    • -avascular
    • -gets nutrients by diffusion from nearby capillaries in the perichondrium
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