1. what % of adults are obese?
  2. a proprioceptively enriched environment is one that challenges the internal and stabilization mechanisms of the body? T or F
  3. 3 building blocks of training
    • stabilization
    • strength
    • power
  4. which building block does the phase of hypertrophy training belong
  5. which phase enhances prime mover strength and improves rate of force production concurrently?
  6. Mechanoreptors and their functions:
    muscle spindles
    golgi tendon organ
    joint receptors
    • sense length and rate of length change, causing contraction
    • sense tension and rate of tension developed and cause relaxation
    • sense pressure, acceleration and decceleration at a joint
  7. synovial joint with an example:
    gliding joint
    hinge joint
    saddle joint
    ball and socket joint
    • carpals of the hand
    • elbow
    • carpometacarpal joint of thumb
    • shoulder
  8. muscle w/ appropriate action during hip extension
    gluteus maximus
    transversus abdominis
    • agonist
    • synergist
    • stabilizer
    • antagonist
  9. which muscle fiber is fast twitch
    type II
  10. all movement is directly dictated by nervous system
    T or F
  11. components of the cardiovascular system:
    • heart
    • blood
    • blood vessels
  12. which system of the bioenergetic continuum is aerobic?
  13. which pathway of the bioenergetic continuum would most likely be used during heavy lifting?
    ATP-CP system
  14. The right/left atrium gaterhs deoxinated blood returning to the heart from the entire body, whereas the right/left atrium gathers reoxgenated blood coming to the heart from the lungs.
    • RIGHT
    • LEFT
  15. abduction and adduction occur in which plane of motion?
    frontal plane
  16. lowering a barbell down toward the chest during a bench press is an example of which kind of muscle contraction?
  17. which is considered internal feedback used by body to monitor movement
    • length tension relationship
    • force couple relationships
    • arthrokinematics
  18. sensorimotor integration requires proprioception
    T or F
  19. a heart rate monitor is an example of which type of feedback?
  20. if a client spends lots of time sitting at job it can lead to tightness in the:
    Hip flexors
  21. which four sites of the body are used to determine a sum of the durnin-womersley formula
    • subscapular
    • iliac crest
    • triceps
    • biceps
  22. static/dynamic postural observations should relate to movements such as squatting, bending, pulling, pushing and balancing
  23. what heart rate zone should a 50 year old male client be if he achieved a recovery pulse of 90 after 3min test?
    • 180sec/90x5.6 = 36 poor
    • zone 1
  24. when performing shark skill test how much time do you add to the completion for each fault?
    .1 sec
  25. kinetic chain is made of
    • nervous system
    • skeletal system
    • muscular system
  26. process in which the body initiates the repair of dysfunction within connective tissue?
    cumulative injury cycle
  27. active flexibility uses the principal of:
    reciprocal inhibition
  28. which types of stretchin stimulates the golgi tendon organ and produces autogenic inhibition
    static stretching, self myofascial release
  29. a latissimus dorsi stretch is a good static stretch for which movement compensation during an overhead squat assessment?
    arms move forward
  30. benefit of cardio:
    • decreases resting heart rate
    • decreases exercising heart rate
  31. performing 3 10min bouts of exercise is just as effective as one 30 min continuous bout of same exercise
    T or F
  32. Law of thermodynamics states that body fat reduction can only take place when there is more ____ being burned than consumed
  33. which of the following is true about circuit weight training?
    • it produces greater levels of EPOC
    • it produces near identical caloric expenditure for the same given time span when compared to walking at a fast pace
  34. clients with anterior pelvic tilt *low back arches shoud use bycle and steppers to place the hips into flexion
    T or F
  35. movement system should be trained before the stabilaztion system? T or F
  36. core stabilization training, exercises involve little motion through spine and pelvis?
    T or F
  37. exercises stabilization, strength or power:
    back extension
    woodchop throw
    floor bridge
    ball crunch
    • str
    • p
    • stab
    • str
  38. what kind of exercises would you choose for a client in phase 3 (hpyertrophy training)
    core strength
  39. research shows that indiviudals who have chronic low back pain display an increased activation of the transversus abdominis, internal oblique, pelvic floor muscles, multifidus, diaphragm, and deep erector spinae?
    T or F
  40. integrated performance paradigm demonstrates that adequate force reduction and stabilization are required for optimum force production
    T or F
  41. Joint dysfunction may lead to:
  42. what kind of exercises would you choose for a client in phase 3?
    balance strength exercises
  43. match exercises to either stabilization, strength or power levels:
    single leg balance
    multiplanar hop w/ stabilization
    single leg squat
    lunge to balance
    • stab
    • power
    • str
    • str
  44. what kind of reactive exercise would you choose for a client in phase 2
  45. reactive training aims to generate min/max force output in a min/max amount of time
  46. match exercise to stabillization, strength, power
    ice skater
    box jump w stabilization
    proprioceptive plyometics
    power step ups
    • power
    • stab
    • power
    • strength
  47. which safety guidelines must be taken into consideration when designing a reactive training program?
    • progressive
    • performed w supportive shoes
  48. optimum stride length at max velocity is approx how many times the leg length
    2.1-2.5 b
  49. proper agility training can help to prevent injury by improving the structural integrity of connective tissue
  50. frontside mechanics/backside mechanics includes the actions of ankle plantarflexion, knee extension, hip extension and keeping lumbar spine neutral
    backside mechanics
  51. in which category does the specific adaptation of muscular endrance fall
  52. connective tissues (such as ligaments and tendons) adapt just as quickly as muscles.
    T or F
  53. ______training is promoted as being more beneficial for strength and hypertrophy gains in advanced clients
    multiple set
  54. _________loading refers to performing all sets of an excercise or body part before moving on to the next exercise or body part
  55. strength endurance allows the body to use lower levels of force with lower repetitions and fewer sets
    T or F
  56. opt model has been successful in helping all pop reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass and strength, improve performance and improve overall health
    T or F
  57. typical client with the goal of improving general performance should specifically be cycled through which phases
  58. beginning clients should perform lower reps schemes
  59. how long to replenish 100% of ATP and creatine phosphate (CP)
    3 min.
  60. training volume is always inversely proportional related to intensity
    T or F
  61. which phases support superset
    • strength endurance
    • power
  62. in youth populations, progression of aerobic training volume should not exceed what percentage per period of adaptation?
  63. which will decrease with age in older adults
    • max oxygen uptake
    • max exercise heartrate
    • bone mass
    • meausrues of pulmonary function
    • lean body mass
  64. in overweight or obese adults, exercise capacity should be no greater than:
    60-80% of work capacity
  65. clients who take b-blockers may display a skewed heart rate response to exercise
    T or F
  66. because of lack of insulin, type I diabetes, blood sugar is not optimally delivered to cells, which results to :
  67. symptoms should always supersede anything else as a sign to decrease or stop exercising
    T or F
  68. which kind of fatty acids is considered to have favorable effects on blood lipid profiles and may play a role in the treatment and prevention of heart disease, hypertension, arthritis and cancer?
    • monounsaturated fatty acid
    • polyunsaturated fatty acid
  69. the _____ of food is the rise in metabolic rate that occurs after it is ingested
    thermic effect
  70. type 2 diabetics and people of normal weight found that 3 weeks of a high carb, low fat diet and exercise program significantly lowered insulin levels
  71. water constitutes approx what percentage of the adult human body by weight
  72. when exercising for less than 60 min, water is the experts choice for fluid replacment
    T or F
  73. rec protein intake for athletes and exercises is:
    15-30 % b
  74. rec carb intake for adults is:
    50-70% c
  75. foods w a higher glycemic index lead to fat storage regardless of caloric intake
    T or F
  76. today there are seperate regulations for dietary supplements from the regulations for foods and durgs
  77. excess calcium consumed w other minerals inhibits the absorbtion of some important trace minerals
  78. which of the following nutrients are not advised as a dietary supplment
    • germanium
    • cobalt
  79. those who are certain about what they want to accomplish are up to _____ more likely to successfully make life changes than those who are less certain
  80. jointly reviewing past workout data helps confidence
    T or F
  81. setting goals at the upper/lower end of a clients ability will inspire more effort
  82. success in life is rare because most people are lazy, lack willpower or have fear of success
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