Vocab Unit 7

  1. austere
    severe or stern in manner; without adornment or luxury, simple, plain; harsh or sour in flavor
  2. beneficent
    performing acts of kindness or charity; conferring benefits, doing good
  3. cadaverous
    pale, gaunt, resembling a corpse
  4. concoct
    to prepare by combining ingredients, make up (as a dish); to devise, invent, fabricate
  5. crass
    coarse, unfeeling; stupid
  6. debase
    to lower in character, quality, or value; to degrade, adulterate; to cause to deteriorate
  7. desecrate
    to commit sacrilege upon, treat irreverently; to contaminate, pollute
  8. disconcert
    to confuse; to disturb the composure of
  9. grandiose
    grand in an impressive or stately way; marked by pompous affectation or grandeur, absurdly exaggerated
  10. inconsequential
    trifling, unimportant
  11. infraction
    a breaking of a law or obligation
  12. mitigate
    to make milder or softer, to moderate in force or intensity
  13. pillage
    to rob of goods by open force (as in war), plunder; the act of looting; booty
  14. prate
    to talk a great deal in a foolish or aimless fashion
  15. punctillious
    very careful and exact, attentive to fine points of etiquette or propriety
  16. redoubtable
    inspiring fear or awe; illustrious, eminent
  17. reprove
    to find fault with, scold, rebuke
  18. restitution
    the act of restoring someone or something to the rightful owner or to a former state or position; making good on a loss or damage
  19. stalwart
    strong and sturdy; brave; resolute; a brave strong person; a strong supporter; one who takes an uncompromising position
  20. vulnerable
    open to attack; capable of being wounded or damaged unprotected
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