Lesson Eleven Vocab

  1. canard
    def: a deliberately misleading story

    syn: lie; pretense; sham
  2. wont
    def: likely

    syn: accustomed
  3. etymology
    def: the history of a word; the study of word origin
  4. cortege
    def: a group of attendants; a retinue

    syn: entourage; followers
  5. solecism
    def: a deviation or error in speech, manners, or deeds

    syn: mistake; faux pas; blunder
  6. demotic
    def: relating to ordinary people

    syn: colloquial; common
  7. simian
    def: related to or resembling an ape or monkey
  8. impresario
    def: an entertainment producer or manager

    syn: organizer; proprietor
  9. requisite
    def: required; necessary

    syn: imperative; needed; important
  10. bulwark
    def: a defensive wall or embankment

    syn: fortification; barrier
  11. malaise
    def: vague bodily or emotional discomfort or uneasiness

    syn: illness; distress
  12. disingenuous
    def: insincere; calculating

    syn: duplicitous; cunning; shifty
  13. crescendo
    def: a gradual increase in intensity, force, or volume

    syn: increase; buildup
  14. intransigent
    def: uncompromising; refusing to moderate

    syn: determinded; immovable; obdurate
  15. dogged
    def: unrelenting; persistent

    syn: driven; steadfast; unwavering
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Lesson Eleven Vocab
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