Life of Alexander Pushkin

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  1. What was the class of Pushkins parents
  2. why did Pushkins family lose a connection to large wealth and power
    The entry of the Romanov dynasty
  3. Who was Pushkins great-grandfather on his maternal side
    Abram Gannibal, served in the court of Peter the Great
  4. What was Pushkin sensative of
    His Negro Ugliness, coming from his black great grandfather
  5. Who took care of Pushkin? Why?
    His maternal grandmother and peasant nanny because he couldn't find the affection of his parents
  6. What was Pushkins first language? Why?
    French because it was typical of Aristocratic families to learn French. He learned Russian because of his grandmother and nanny
  7. Pushkin claims his gouverneur tried to murder him why
    Spilling of a few drops of ink on his waistcoat
  8. What school was Pushkin sent too
    Lycee, a boarding school for boys
  9. Lycee, Pushkins school was fonuded by who? Was located where?
    School was founded by Alexander I and was located in Tsarskoe Selo, attached to the Tsar summer residence
  10. Pushkin was interested in the philosophies of who? Who's poetry was he interested in?
    Philosophies of Locke and Hume and the poetry of Lord Byron
  11. After graduation Pushkin was assigned to what? What did this life lead him too
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs in St. Petersburg: He had little interest in work and resulted in his dissapated life, gambling, attending theater and chasing tail
  12. Who did Pushkin visit in 1819? What did she tell him?
    A famed fortune teller Madame Kirchof who advised the Tsar in war of 1812. She told him he would endure two exiles, and at 37 he should avoid conflict related to a white horse, a white head or a white blonde man
  13. What of Pushkin came into the attention of the Tsar? This lead to what?
    Politicaly liberal and radical poems that lead the tsar too exile Pushkin to the south to serve the general in charge of Turkey
  14. What work did Pushkin finish before leaving St. Petersburg
    His first major work Ruslan and Lyudmila (1820): An ironic poem of Russian folk tale
  15. Who did Pushkin meet on his way south? What did this lead too?
    General Raevskii, a hero o campaign against Napoleon. He traveled with Raevskii's family on a tour of the Caucasus ad the Crimea
  16. What two pieces did Pushkin find inspiration for when on tour of the Caucasus and Crimea
    Inspiration for the Prisoner of the Caucasus and setting for Byronic poem The Foundation of Bakhchisarai (Most Popular work during his lifetime)
  17. Who did Pushkin have an affair with while under the command of General Inzov
    greek women Calypso Polichroni (One of Byrons lovers)
  18. Pushkins Evgenii Onegin was modled after what piece?
    Byron's Don Juan
  19. After his service with General Inzov, Pushkin was transfered where?
     To Odessa under Count Vorontsov: Governer General of South Russia
  20. How much money did Pushkin get for writing what piece while in Odessa
    3 thousand rubles for The Fountain of Bakhchisarai
  21. After writing about how he espoused atheism to a friend, Pushkin was....
    Sent to exile at his mothers estate in Mikhaylovskoye three hundred miles southwest of St. Petersburg
  22. On his way to his mothers, Pushkin learned he father wth whom
    Fathered a daughter with Elise Vorontsov, wife of Count Vorontsov 
  23. From 1824 to 1825 Pushkin did what
    completed the Gypsies, a number of short lyrics, Shakspearean drama Boris Godunov and additional Chapters of Evgenii Onegin
  24. What lead Pushkin to fear of his safety
    The execution of five rebel leaders after the Decemberist Uprising and Pushkins association with several insurgents
  25. As Pushkin tried to escape St. Petersburg what crossed his path
    A white hare
  26. Sept of 1826 Pushkin was summoned to the Tsar's palace, he wrote what on the way there
    The Prohpet
  27. Who would Pushkin meet in 1828 and marry
    Natalia Gonharova 
  28. Why did Pushkin travel to the Urals
    To collect evidence of the Pugachev Rebellion
  29. What inspired "The Captians Daughter"
    Walter Scotts Rob Roy
  30. Pushkins wife was being enjoyed by what frenchman? What did Pushkin do in reaction
    Georges d'Anthes; Pushkin was ridiculed for her attention while she was pregnant with Pushkins child. He challanged d'Athes too a duel and died from a shot to the abdomen
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