Crim J FINAL part 4

  1. Sex in prison
    • conjical visits: keep married people together but only available to those who are married
    • relationships between inmates and guards
  2. Shock incarceration
    boot camp
  3. Diversion
    • legal mechanism
    • person found guilty
    • the removal of offenders from any stage of the police or court system as a condition of their probation to rehabilitate them
  4. Probation
    • involves a conviction
    • conditional release to the community
    • must comply with probation guidlines
  5. Parole
    • follow up to incarseration
    • early release
    • must serve 85% of sentence
    • commission looks at case files to determine if person should be released
  6. Restitution
    offenders compensating their victims for damages or stolen goods
  7. Shock probation
    put offender in jail for brief part of sentence and suspend the remainder then place on probation
  8. Intensive probation supervision
    program of closer surveillance for probationers
  9. First american jail
    Walnut Street Jail
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Crim J FINAL part 4
Crim J FINAL part 4