Econ FINAL part 1

  1. What explains China's early success?
    • creativity: early version of printing, high quality skills, pottery, early version of gunpowder
    • confucianism: moral system, code of behavior, made china more orderly
    • civil service based on merit: what you knew rather than who you knew
  2. Why did westerners gain power in China?
  3. Was China fast or slow to modernize?
  4. After the last emperor, which party took over?
    Chinese Communist Party
  5. Accomplishments of the Nationalists
    • education
    • basic health care
    • equal rights for women
  6. How did the communist party gain power?
  7. Goals of the Great Leap Forard
    • aimed at faster economic development
    • huge increase in agricultural production
    • development of more decentralized and self sufficient industries
  8. Why the Great Leap Forward failed
    • lack of technical conditions for success
    • too much emphasis on moral incentives rather thanmaterial incentives
    • poor information
    • mao's refusal to listen to anyone else
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Econ FINAL part 1
Econ FINAL part 1