Bridges and Structures

  1. force
    a push or pull...with bridges, force is applied in the form of a load
  2. simply supported beam
    a horizontal beam supported at 2 ends
  3. cantilever beam
    a beam supported at only 1 end
  4. sag
    when a beam bends in the middle
  5. dead load
    the weight of the materials that are used to build the bridge
  6. live load
    the weight of objects carried on the bridge
  7. working load
    live load plus dead load
  8. span
    the total length of the bridge from pier to pier
  9. shock load
    the sudden high impact weight of objects on a bridge
  10. enviornmental load
    the load on a bridge caused by mother nature
  11. compression
    the force that shortens of squeezes a structure
  12. tension
    a fore that lengthens or stretches a structure
  13. torsion
    a strain produced when the material is twisted
  14. shear
    a force that moves material in a sideways direction
  15. pier
    the support columns on a bridge... also called pillars or towers
  16. Arches
    a shape commonly used in bridge design
  17. abutments
    the mass of rock or concrete at either end of an arch bridge to keep the ends securely in place
  18. beam bridges
    simplest form of bridge, a ridgid, straight structure resting on piers, columns, or towers at either end
  19. truss bridge
    a type of beam bridge reinforced to be a framework of triangles
  20. cantilever bridge
    type of beam bridge that gets support from counter balenced beams meeting in the middle
  21. suspension bridge
    the deck of this bridge hangs from wires attached to cables; concrete anchors keep in in place
  22. cable stayed bridge
    most modern bridge; deck is supported by cables attached to towers
  23. Arch bridges
    bridge with a curved structure
  24. keystone
    final, wedge shaped piece, the center of an arch bridge to keep all other stones in place
  25. bascule bridge
    acts like a see-saw; sections can be lifted by using balance
  26. engineer
    a person who researches and designs bridges and other structure
  27. bridge
    a structure that provides a way across a barrier. It connects, supports, or links one thing to another
  28. symmetry
    an arrangement that is balanced and equal of oppisite sides of a center dividing line
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