Ch. 1-5 Spanish Verbs Review

  1. ser
    to be (identification)
  2. hablar
    to speak
  3. hay
    there is/ there are
  4. llevar
    to wear
  5. presentar
    to introduce
  6. saludar
    to greet
  7. tener (ie)
    yo tengo
    to have
  8. abrar
    to open
  9. bailar
    to dance
  10. caminar
    to walk
  11. cantar
    to sing
  12. cerrar (ie)
    to close
  13. correr
    to run
  14. decir
    yo digo
    tu dices
    usted dice
    to say; tell
  15. escribar
    to write
  16. estudiar
    to study
  17. leer
    to read
  18. levantar(se)
    to stand; lift, rise
  19. mirar
    to look
  20. saltar
    to jump
  21. buscar
    to look for
  22. completar
    to complete
  23. contestar
    to answer
  24. usar
    to use
  25. querer (irr.)
    to wish; want
  26. viajar
    to travel
  27. acampar
    to camp
  28. andar (irr.) en bicicleta
    to ride a bicycle (also to walk)
  29. cenar
    to dine, have dinner
  30. cocinar
    to cook
  31. comer
    to eat
  32. dormir (ue)
    to sleep
  33. escribir mensajes electronicos
    to write email
  34. escuchar
    to listen
  35. hacer
    you hago
    to do; make
  36. ir (irr.)
    to go
  37. jugar (ue)
    to play
  38. pasear
    to go for a walk (ride)
  39. sacar fotos
    to take photos
  40. salir
    yo salgo
    to go out; to leave
  41. tocar la guitarra
    to play the guitar
  42. trabajar
    to work
  43. trotar
    to jog
  44. ver
    to watch
  45. vivir
    to live
  46. gustar
    to like
  47. almorzar (ue)
    to have lunch
  48. andar en motocicleta
    to ride a motorcycle
  49. andar en velero
    to go sailing
  50. charlar
    to chat
  51. coser
    to sew
  52. dar (irr.)
    to give
  53. desayunar
    to have breakfast
  54. descansar
    to rest
  55. esquiar
    to ski
  56. ir a (+ infinitive)
    to be going to (plan)
  57. lavar (el carro)
    to wash (the car)
  58. levantar pesas
    to lift weights
  59. limpiar
    to clean
  60. merendar
    to have a picnic
  61. montar a caballo
    to ride a horse
  62. pasar tiempo
    to spend time
  63. pasear en barca
    to go for a boat ride
  64. preferir
    to prefer
  65. recibir (visitas)
    to receive; to have company
  66. reparar
    to fix
  67. tomar
    to take
  68. volar una cometa
    to fly a kite
  69. comprar
    to buy
  70. empezar (ie)
    to start, begin
  71. llegar
    to arrive
  72. manejar
    to drive
  73. nacer
    to be born
  74. ofrecer
    to offer
  75. quedarse en casa
    to stay home
  76. converse
    converse (command)
  77. decidir
    to decide
  78. imaginese
    imagine (command)
  79. asistir (a)
    to attend
  80. beber
    to drink
  81. disenar
    to design
  82. esperar
    to wait for
  83. hacer la compra
    to do the shopping
  84. llevar
    to take; carry
  85. mandar
    to send
  86. poner
    yo pongo
    to put
  87. recoger
    to pick up; gather
  88. regresar
    to return
  89. rezar
    to pray
  90. estar
    to be (location)
  91. bostezar
    to yawn
  92. comerse las unas
    to bite one's nails
  93. encender (ie)
    to light; to turn on
  94. encontrar (ue)
    to find
  95. entrevistar
    to interview
  96. escoger (irr.)
    to choose
  97. esconder
    to hide
  98. estar de acuerdo
    to agree
  99. gritar
    to yell, scream
  100. llamar
    to call (on the phone)
  101. llorar
    to cry
  102. pedir (i)
    to aks for; to request
  103. ponerse (irreg. ) + adj.
    me pongo/ se pone
    to become; get
  104. quedarse (en casa)
    to stay (at home)
  105. recibir regalos
    to receive gifts
  106. reunirse
    Me reuno/se reune
    to get together
  107. saber
    yo se
    to know
  108. sonreir
    to smile
  109. sonar (ue) (con)
    to dream (about)
  110. tomar apuntes
    to take notes
  111. traer
    yo traigo / usted trae
    to bring
  112. perder (ie)
    to lose
  113. pensar (ie)
    to think
  114. volver (ue)
    to return
  115. venir (ie)
    yo vengo
    to come
  116. oir
    yo oigo
    tu oyes
    usted oye
    to hear
  117. estar mejor
    to be (feel) better
  118. tener exito
    to be successful
  119. tener razon
    to be right
  120. tener suerte
    to be lucky
  121. aprender
    to learn
  122. comprender
    to comprehend
  123. ensenar
    to teach
  124. entender (ie)
    to understand
  125. explicar
    to explain
  126. poner atencion
    to pay attention
  127. poder (ue)
    to be able to
  128. saber (+ infinitive)
    yo se
    to know how to (do something)
  129. apagar
    to turn off
  130. atender(ie) mesas
    to wait on tables
  131. ayudar
    to help
  132. calificar
    to grade
  133. contar
    to count
  134. cortar (el pelo)
    to cut (hair)
  135. cuidar (de)
    to take care of
  136. entrar al trabajo
    to start work
  137. escribir a maquina
    to type
  138. ganar dinero
    to earn money
  139. pintar
    to paint
  140. servir (i)
    yo sirvo
    usted sirve
    to serve
  141. tratar
    to treat
  142. vender
    to sell
  143. archivar
    to file
  144. adivinar
    to guess
  145. bucear
    to skin dive or scuba dive
  146. creer
    to believe
  147. dibujar
    to draw
  148. divertirse (ie)
    me diverto
    se divierte
    to have fun
  149. escalar montanas
    to climb mountains
  150. hornear
    to bake
  151. ir de vacaciones
    to go on vacation
  152. necesitar
    to need
  153. obtener
    to obtain
  154. pagar
    to pay
  155. tratar de (+ infinitive)
    to try to (do something)
  156. deber (+ infinitive)
    should (do something)
  157. Es necesario (+ infinitive)
    It's necessary to (+ verb)
  158. Hay que (+ infinitive)
    one has to (do something)
  159. tener que (+ infinitive)
    to have to (do something)
  160. gustaria (+ infinitive)
    me, te, le
    nos, os, les
    would like to (do something)
  161. pensar (ie) (+ infinitive)
    to plan to (do something)
  162. quisiera (+ infinitive)
    yo, tu, usted
    nosotros, vosotros, ustedes
    would like to (do something)
  163. tener ganas de (+ infinitive)
    to feel like (doing something)
  164. singular past tense verb endings:
    - ar
    • -aste
  165. singular past tense verb endings:
    -er and  -ir
    • -iste
    • -ió
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