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  1. Normal adult temperature
    98.6F or 37C
  2. Febrile
    with fever
  3. Afebrile
    Without fever
  4. Pyrexia
    Fever, over 99.5F
  5. Hyperthermia
    over 105.8F
  6. Hypothermia
    Below 96F
  7. Technique for taking a pulse
    Palm down, place 3 fingers over radial artery (do not use thumb), when pulse is felt, exert slight pressure, count for one minute and observe for rythm, volume and strenth.
  8. Adult normal pulse rate
  9. tachycardia
    pulse over 100/min

    caused by excercise, stimulants, eating, strong emotions, heat/cold, heart disease.
  10. bradycardia
    pulse below 50/min

    caused by sleep, depressants, fasting, quieting emotions, prolonged illness.
  11. Technique for taking respiration
    one breath taken in and let out. start immediately after counting pulse, maintain fingers over radial pulse and pt isnt aware. count the number of times the chest rises in one minute.
  12. Normal respiration rate for an adult
  13. Systolic vs Diastolic
    • Systolic is the highest pressure caused by ventricular contraction.
    • Diastolic is the lowest pressure when ventricular relaxation.
  14. more potent cardiovascular risk factor older than 50
    systolic blood pressure
  15. Pulse pressure
    Systolic - Diastolic = pulse pressure

    Normal range: less than 40
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