Leonid Brezhnev

  1. What did Brezhnev recieve formal training in
    Metallurgical engineering
  2. During what event did Brezhnev recieve several promotions and positions
    The Great Purge
  3. Once in power, Brezhnev promoted who to Prime Minister
    Alexis Kosygin
  4. How did Brezhnev attempt to secure his position in Soviet History
    By making the Third Soviet Constitution in 1977
  5. What did the Third Soviet Constitution declare? What was it also called?
    That socialism had been achieved, strengthed party control over society, and underlined absolute authority of the Communist Party. Also called the Brezhnev Constitution
  6. What were the Helsinki Accords
    Known as the Helsinki Final Act and the Helsinki Declaration, an international agreement between 35 states in teh east and west promoting human rights and freedoms
  7. What did the Communist Party do in response to the Helsinki Accords
    Within the Brezhnev Constitution civil, political, and social rights rivaling western democracy. They were only rights on paper
  8. What was the Samizdat
    Because of Brezhnev's crack down on dissent the Samizat consisted of self published illegal literature, essays, and art
  9. What other ECE states did Samizdat find itself it
    Poland, Chechoslovakia and Hungary
  10. Who were the Nomenklatura? What was their vision on Maxism-Leninism
    A professional class of politicians and fat cats who formed a network of career politicians, favoring their own collective welfare over the Communist party. They were "Non-Believers" to Marxism-Leninism
  11. When was the Eighth Five Year plan
  12. What was the Eighth Five Year plan (1966-70)
    With respectable rates of growth tied to development or military and nuclear capabilities
  13. When was the Ninth Five Year plan
  14. What was the Ninth Five Year plan (1971-75)
    The first to schedule more consumer goods over industrial or infrastructure. *This was not to blame for the down turn in the Economy*
  15. What was the reason behind the collapse of the Soviet Economy under Brezhnev
    • Domestic production was halted because of the oil shock crises and global recession of the 1970s.
    • Furthermore, domestic events such as widespread drought, undermined agricultural production
  16. When was the Eleventh Five Year plan
  17. What was teh Eleventh Five Year plan (1981-85)
    Lack of goals, it was basically the previous plan (10th)
  18. What was Detente
    Lines of communication between the United States and USSR are opened to help with military tensions
  19. What treaty was signed thanks to Detente to limit the spread of nuclear weapons
    Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty 1968
  20. Soon following the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, what other act came about? What was this act about
    SALT I or Strategic Arms Limitation Talks. To limit and cap the amount of land and sea base nuclear launchers
  21. What was the Anti-Ballistic Missile Act (ABM)
    Agreement by Nixon and Brezhnev to lower the number of ABM's
  22. Which President entered the second round of SALT talks? Why was the second SALT treaty never ratified
    U.S. President Jimmy Carter. It was to limit the making of new nuclear weapons but never happened because of teh USSR's aggresive invasion of Afghanistan
  23. What prompted the Afghan civil war
    The victory of the Mujahideen over the Soviets created a vacuum of power filled by the Taliban
  24. Who introduced a series of liberalizing democratic reforms to limit the control of the Communist party over private lives? Waht was the period known as
    Alexander Dubcek serving as First Party Secretary of Czechoslovak. The period was known as Prague Spring and as a cultural renaissance
  25. How did brezhnev react to Dubcek's actions? Who did he use to replace him
    He invaded Czechoslavakia replacing Dubcek with Gustav Husak and harsh political and social repression called normalization and establishment of the Brezhnev Doctrine
  26. How long was Brezhnev's leadership? 
    18 years, second only to Stalin
  27. Under Brezhnev, what was undermining the ability for the economy to rebound
    Underemployment, worker morale, unavailablity to consumer goods, and division of state funds
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