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  1. Ocean Circulation
    ocean water exchanges tremendous amounts of heat from the atmosphere and ocean currents move energy from place to place
  2. El Nino-southern occilation (ENSO)
    • a systematic shift in atmospheric pressure, sea surface temperature, and
    • ocean circulation in tropical place
  3. Thermohaline circulation
    • a worldwide current systemin which warmer, fresher water moves along the surface; and colder, saltier water moves deep beneath the surface
    • Warm surface water carries heat to Europe
  4. North American Deep Water (NADW)
    the deep portion of the thermohaline circuation, consistig of dense, cool water that sinks

    • If Greenland's ice melts, freshwater runoff would dilute ocean waters, making them less dense, and stopping NADW
    • Europe would rapidly cool, as the Day After Tomorrow, a movie which exaggerated the impacts
  5. Coupled General Circulation model (Climate models)
    programs that combine what is knwn about atmospheric circulation, ocean circulation, atmosphere-ocean interactions, and feedback mechanisms to stimulate climate processes

    • These models are becoming more reliable in predicting climate change.
    • *****known as 1-var models
  6. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
    • An international panel of scientists and governemtn officials established in 1988
    • Has presented a series of reports of the sythesis of scientific info concerning climate change
  7. Mitigation
    pursue actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in order to lessen severity of future climate change

    renewable energy sources, farm practices to protect soil integrity, preventing deforestation
  8. Adaptation
    accept climate change is happening and pursue streies to minimize its impacts on us
  9. Conventional cars are inefficient**
    only 14% or less of the fuel are powering the car

    • 62% engine heat loss, friction, ineffiences
    • 17% idling
    • 5% Drive train friction and inefficiences
    • 2% running accessories; water pump, stereo, ect.
  10. Stabilization triangle
    a portfolio of strategies, each one feasible in itself, that could stabilize CO2 emissions
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