Diagnotic Testing for Immunological Disorders

  1. What are the body's protective mechanisms?
    • Non-specific or innate immune systems¬†
    • specific (acquired) immune system
  2. Which of our body's protective mechanisms are we born with?
    Non-specific or innate immune system
  3. Which of our bodys protective mechanisms develop as we grow?
    Specific (acquired) immune system
  4. How do our body's protective mechanisms function?
    Function by recognizing, destroying, or removing foreign substances
  5. Where do we find the innate non-specific immune system?
    Physical and biochemical parts of the skin, nasopharynx, GIT, lungs, and urogenital tract
  6. What is the normal flora?
    Commensal bacteria
  7. How does the innate immune system work?
    Responds specifically to foreign substances (antigens)
  8. What are the two parts to the innate 
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Diagnotic Testing for Immunological Disorders
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